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Aurifil Cotton Mako Threads 200m -1300m

Do not use old thread! It’s brittle and will break no matter what you do.

Aurifil 50 wt Makro Cotton Thread is the #1 seller in the quilting industry for a high quality thread.
Aurifil makes the best quality cotton thread available - long staple Eqyptian cotton, double mercerised to give it a marvellous sheen and double gassed to make it almost lint-free.
An excellent thread for machine and hand quilting .
50wt is the thread that is commonly used for piecing. 40wt is preferred for machine quilting.
28 and 12 wt are used for machine quilting and hand quilting

Watch Pat Sloan Explain the Aurifil Thread Weights

Aurifil is the “Cadillac” of cotton thread. It is ideal for machine quilting, patchwork piecing, embroidery, General Purpose Sewing and appliqué. The thread is manufactured in Italy from 100% Egyptian cotton.