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Sizzix Quilting & Applique Fabric Cutter Machines


Simply place your fabrics on the chosen die, cutting pad on top, turn the handle and roll it through the rollers. The die will cut out your fabric shape with no need for rotary cutters and rulers ensuring that you get accurate fabric cuts every-time.
As well as quilting piecing shapes such as triangles, squares, tumbler blocks and apple cores you can also use Sizzix applique dies for your favourite applique shapes.

Sizzix Big Shot Pro Fabric Cutter Machine Largest

Industrial strength for high usage/high quantity
Features a 13" wide opening
the Big Shot Pro can be used with the smallest Sizzix dies to their biggest 12" wide
Includes extended length accessories allowing complete compatibility with the 25" Long Quilt dies

Sizzix Big Shot Plus Fabric Cutter Machine
Middle Size
Quilters Version Comes with Free Die
Larger working area Compatible with 9" wide dies"

Sizzix Big Shot Fabric Cutter Machine Smallest Size
(Big Shot is same as Fabi)
Compatible with 6" wide dies

Over time and due to normal use, your Sizzix shape-cutting machine may become dirty or dusty.
To clean, use Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) poured on a clean paper towel and rub over the machine until it evaporates. With another clean, dry paper towel, wipe off any residue. Never use bleach or abrasive cleaners on the Machine. Never oil your Machine.

Sizzix Big Shot Express Machine Electric Machine Same size as Big Shot

measures approximately 14 1/4" x 10" x 6 1/4"
portable, electric roller machine cuts and embosses many different materials.

Rotary cutting revolutionized cutting and quilting.
It made possible to repeatedly cut accurate shapes, several layers at a time, far more accurately than with scissors.
Since its introduction patchwork and quilting has evolved.
You can now cut and sew a quilt top in a day and it can be beautifully and accurately pieced - but not only that, it can look like it has taken you months!

The Sizzix Die Cutting Machines is another step forward, while not replacing your mat, rotary cutter and ruler, What the Sizzix machine does is take the benefits of speed and accuracy to a whole new level.

Reasons Why Quilters need a Fabric Cutter - Your health is at risk with Rotary Cutting
Q. "How Long can you Rotary Cut Safely?"
A. Dr's Advise do not Rotary Cut more than 2 hours a day, take breaks every 20 minutes. Stop if you are having pain.
Q.What can we do to aid with the side effects - Rotary Cutting is hard on your hand, wrist, forearm, shoulder and back.
A.Use your largest size blade and change blades frequently." Take the pressure off with scissors and rotary cutters and you will have use of your hands well into old age. A. Fabric Cutters are the greatest way to alleviate problems that quilters experience after years of working on their hobbies. Cutting with Rotary Cutter is very time consuming, prone to mistakes, wastes fabric, frustrates and slow down even the most advanced quilter!
A Fabric Cutters should be capable of slicing through layers of fabric without stress on the person cutting.
Sizzix Fabric Cutters have power that we Quilters used to dream about!
Now with the huge selection of Quilt Die Shapes and designs we can cut out an intricate Queen size Quilt in an hour.
Perfect Cuts every Time! One crank of the handle and you can easily have over 100 perfect triangles waiting to be sewn!

With your Sizzix Die Cutter machine - No chance of slipping or mis-reading the ruler and making the wrong cut!

Need more information?
speak with Nulagh, she is the expert on Fabric Cutters in Canada and is really happy to help her fellow quilters at any time.

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Sizzix Big Shot Plus Fabric Cutting Machine 661581 1. TOP SELLER! Sizzix Big Shot PLUS Fabric Cutter Quilting & Applique 661581
Price: C$339.99
Special Price! C$239.99
You save C$100.00!
Sizzix Big Shot Pro - Adapter G for Thinner Steel-Rule Dies 1.Adapter G Big Shot Pro Accessory 661518
Price: C$29.99
Special Price! C$19.99
You save C$10.00!
Sizzix Big Shot Plus Fabric Cutting - Outlander Mystery Quilt by Ebony Love 1.Sizzix Big Shot Plus Fabric Machine and 7 Die Set 661581
Price: C$469.99
Special Price! C$339.99
You save C$130.00!
Sizzix Vagabond 2 Machine Tim Holtz 1.Sizzix Vagabond 2 Machine Electric - Tim Holtz Amazing Deal
Price: C$449.99
SALE PRICE: C$339.99
You save C$110.00!

Sizzix Fabric Cutter Machine with Bonus Die 661580 1.TOP SELLER! Sizzix Big Shot Fabric Cutter Machine 6" Opening Bonus Die 661580
Price: C$189.99
Special Offer! C$145.99
You save C$44.00!
Quilters Fabric Cutter Big Shot Pro 1.TOP SELLER! Sizzix Big Shot Pro Quilters Machine-Large Tray 660900
Price: C$879.99
Best Price in Canada C$599.99
You save C$280.00!

Sizzix Big Shot Plus Victoria Findlay Wolfe Set Sizzix Big Shot PLUS Fabric Cutter & 3 Modern Dies Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Price: C$499.99
Special Price! C$399.99
You save C$100.00!
Sizzix Big Shot Pro Machine Card Making Craft Machine Sizzix Big Shot Pro Craft Card Making Version 660550
Price: C$799.99
SALE PRICE: C$589.99
You save C$210.00!

Sizzix Big Shot Pro Accessory - Adapter Pad, Extended Sizzix Big Shot Pro Insert Adapter Pad Large 656656
Price: C$39.99
You save C$8.00!
Tray Sizzix Big Shot Pro  Extended Sizzix Big Shot Pro Tray Extended For Quilters 12-3/4"x27" (Large)
Price: C$169.99
SALE PRICE: C$133.99
You save C$36.00!

Sizzix Big Shot Pro Quilters Fabric Cutter machine - Starter Dies Sizzix Big Shot Pro with 10 Starter Set Dies
Price: C$1,299.99
You save C$314.00!
Sizzix eclips Accessory - 12" x 24" Fabric Cutting Mat Sizzix eclips - 12" x 24" Fabric Cutting Mat
Price: C$32.99
You save C$7.00!
Sizzix eclips2 12" x 12" Fabric Cutting Mat Sizzix eclips 2. 12" x 12" Fabric Cutting Mat
Price: C$19.99
You save C$2.00!
Sizzix eclips2 Fabric Series Starter Kit w/eCAL2 & Bluetooth Sizzix eclips2 Blades, Standard, 2 Pack
Price: C$16.99
You save C$2.00!
Sizzix eclips2 DIY Electronic Cutter Starter Kit Sizzix eclips2 DIY Electronic Cutter Starter Kit with Bluetooth
Price: C$779.99
Special Offer To-day! C$469.99
You save C$310.00!

Sizzix eclips2 Fabric Series Starter Kit w/eCAL2 & Bluetooth Sizzix eclips2 FABRIC Series Starter Kit w/eCAL2 & Bluetooth
Price: C$899.99
SALE PRICE: C$607.99
You save C$292.00!
x. Chalk Cloth Black 18"x24"
Price: C$12.99
You save C$6.00!
x. Chalkboard Fabric Vinyl 12" x 4.Ft.
Price: C$21.99
You save C$7.00!
x.Chalk Cloth Black 18"x48
Price: C$20.99
You save C$9.00!
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