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Sizzix Quilting

Sizzix puts creativity in your hands with the craftiest die cutting machines, die cutting tools, accessories, and embossing
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Big Shot Pro Cutting Pads 12" x 14" 2pk 656253 3.Cutting Pads Pro Machine 12" x 14" 2pk 656253
Price: C$56.99
Special Price! C$40.99
You save C$16.00!

Sizzix Bigz Pro Die - Bow Tie, 9.5" #660927 Bow Tie Bigz Pro Die 9.5" #660927
Price: C$69.99
You save C$30.00!
Car - Sizzix Bigz L Die 657883 Car - Sizzix Bigz L Die 657883
Price: C$44.99
You save C$13.00!
Sizzix fabi Dresden Plate 10"  658884 Jenny from  Missouri Star Dresden 10" - Wedge / Fan 658884 Missouri Star
Price: C$53.99
You save C$10.00!

Sizzix Quarter Square 8.5"  657172 QST 8.5" Quarter Square 657172
Price: C$79.99
Huge Sale! C$49.99
You save C$30.00!
Sizzix  Bigz XL Die - Rocking the House #660922 Rocking the House Bigz XL Die #660922 Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Price: C$46.99
special Price C$34.99
You save C$12.00!
Click on Pictured for Sizzix 12-1/2" Wacky Web Sizzix 12-1/2" Wacky Web w/Side Triangles Bigz XL Die 661271
Price: C$44.99
You save C$6.00!
Sizzix Rag 8" Square (6" Finished) 657268 Sizzix 8" Rag Square Pro Die 657268
Price: C$62.99
You save C$11.00!

Sizzix QST 8-1/2" Finished Square 8"  657639 Bigz XL Sizzix 8.5" QST Quilt Die Bigz XL 657639
Price: C$53.99
Special Price! C$35.99
You save C$18.00!
Sizzix Half-Oval, 8" Bigz Plus Die  661385 Sizzix Half-Oval, 8" Bigz Plus Die 661385
Price: C$56.99
New Quilt Die! C$35.99
You save C$21.00!
Sizzix Hexagon 3.5" Sides & Equilateral Triangle Die 661647 Sizzix Hexagon 3.5" Sides w Triangle Plus Q Die 661647
Price: C$61.99
Happy Quilting Day! C$41.99
You save C$20.00!

Sizzix Hexagon 5" Sides Die 658115 Sizzix Large Hexagon 5" sides 9-1/2" Across Pro Die 658115
Price: C$56.99
Special Price! C$30.99
You save C$26.00!
Sizzix Die Plus Die - Large Simple Wedge #660943 Sizzix Large Simple Wedge Plus Q Die #660943
Price: C$49.99
Special Price! C$39.99
You save C$10.00!

Sizzix Pumpkin Applique Die Sizzix Pumpkin Applique Die 657886
Price: C$29.99
Special Price! C$20.99
You save C$9.00!
Sizzix  Square 8-1/2" 657265 Sizzix Quilt Die 8.5 Square Pro 657265
Price: C$52.99
Special Price! C$29.99
You save C$23.00!

Sizzix Quilt Rectangle  Die 4-1/2" x 8-1/2" 658113 Sizzix Rectangle 4-1/2" x 8-1/2" Quilt Bigz XL 658113
Price: C$43.99
Special Price! C$28.99
You save C$15.00!

Sizzix Robbing Peter to Pay Paul 9" Bigz Pro Die 657640 Sizzix Robbing Peter to Pay Paul Pro Die 9" 657640
Price: C$66.99
Special Offer! C$49.99
You save C$17.00!
Sizzix Bigz L Die - Block Square Dance #660920 Sizzix Square Dance #660920 Bigz L. Top Seller!
Price: C$36.99
Special Price! C$28.99
You save C$8.00!