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Dupioni is about the world's champion in fraying - I suggest that you back your dupioni with a light weight knitted fusible. Available in our Store
We use FRENCH FUSE love the results

Sullivans Spray Fabric Stabilizer is a top Favorite with our customers who use Silk Fabrics

Before you begin, there are a few things to keep in mind while sewing silks. A simple way to ensure good stitch quality is to adjust the stitch length. For silks, shorten the stitch length to 2mm; you’ll have fewer puckers. As you sew, hold the fabric both in front of and behind the needle to give the fabric a little tension. Don’t pull the fabric through the machine—just lightly guide it.

After you sew any seam, press it flat to meld the stitches before you proceed to the next step.

I prefer to use IB C glass-head silk pins. Be sure to change your pins often.
Start each project with a new needle, and adjust the size according to the weight of the fabric. A universal needle, size 70/10, is a good starting point.

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