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Sharing a Few reviews -

We are the largest stockist of AccuQuilt and Sizzix Quilt and Applique Die cutting shapes in North America.
Fabric Cutter machines are a specialty with this store. We have all the Sizzix die cutting machines in store.
The only electric is the Vagabond machine, it is same size as the Big Shot machine.
This is the largest size of electric machine sold by Sizzix or Ellison - we respect this, they are the front liner in design and manufacture of die cutting machines and they inform us that to have an effective electric large machine means a very powerful motor that no one could move around! They also state that the machines will cut whatever material they are presented with - motors will burn out if under pressure.

Sizzix Fabric Cutting machines can take AccuQuilt dies! Meaning the strong reliable Sizzix machine is the only one you need if you want to have the option of both companies dies!
AccuQuilt only takes AccuQuilt dies.

***** Friendly service
Judy from Newfoundland Sept 2015
Really love dealing with Nulagh, I have purchased the Big Shot Sizzix machine and many of the dies (quilting and applique). She has great knowledge about all the products and doesn't mind sharing some of her know hows, she is a wonderful saleslady and so friendly and her prices are great, will keep buying from the store for sure, hoping to meet Nulagh and her husband some day in person.

Gail from Monaghan ON Dec 2014 Says:
Extremely satisfied with the transaction and appreciated the phone call to review my order. Order arrived ahead of schedule. Will most certainly visit and order again. Prefer to order from a Canadian company Thanks for your help with the order

Hi Stitch in the Ditch
had to compliment you on the variety you carry, I started supporting you because I wanted a fabric cutter machine -- now I buy so much at your store and really enjoy the selection, see we are having more issues with AccuQuilt - heard they will not allow any discount on their products in any country, whats that all about? So glad I have the Big shot Pro fabric cutter as I can use Sizzix dies if AccuQuilt stop manufacturing or stop supplying Canada. Look forward to the Disney Fabric arriving - we have many Frozen fans who will love quilts and throws as Christmas gifts! Shall pre order now as I just know you will sell out fast.

Reviewer: Amy Buckley,
Manitoba 24 May 2014

I took some time to fill out some product reviews but wanted to compliment your service too. This is an excellent on line shop ! It is so great to have a Canadian supplier of all the notions , books and supplies for the quilting, sewing and crafts aficiando . Buying from the US stores is not a great option due to time delays, shipping issues and added duties.Yeah Stitch in the Ditch! I have passed on your site to my friends in the sewing and quilting community in Burnaby.

Reviewer: Jan McKai BC 22 March 2014

Reviewer: Mary-Jo Windsor 31 Jan 2014
You are the Best!

Recommend this store to all my quilting friends.
I started my fabric cutting journey with your help- with your advise.
I have progressed from the AccuQuilt machine to the
Large Sizzix Big Shot Pro fabric cutter - what a journey!
Now I buy the dies that talk to me - no more worry about
them working in my machine. I have a machine that will last
my quilting lifetime, have ordered special dies that I
could not have considered before.
I have been quilting for over 20 years.

So personally I recommend Fabric Cutting to everyone
and from my experience I recommend the Sizzix fabric
cutter as the only one to buy and then buy whatever dies
you need from either company.
Hope this helps anyone who is trying to make the big decision.
NT Canada

This Store

December 18, 2013

Stitch in the Ditch is without a doubt the best thing that happened to Canadian Quilting - we have so much right here in our own country, great service and prices, help at the end of the phone.
I bought the Accuquilt fabric cutter a few years ago - it has been replaced a few times due to the handle and SITD were great at arranging this - then we bought the Sizzix big shot pro and that is outstanding - we buy dies all the time as new ones arrive. Would not buy dies from the States direct and if Accuquilt do not want us to have these from our SITD Store then we shall wait for Sizzix to bring out the same die.
Reviewer: Jennifer. Calgary AB

GO! Fabric Cutter

: Barbara Schan from Digby, NS Canada
June 7,2013

Love, love, love this machine. Without it I would have to stop quilting due to a disability.
With it, I can create wonderful things.
Thanks to Stitch In The Ditch and it's amazing service and quality products I continue to enjoy my hobby.

can not live without my fabric cutter June 3, 2013
Reviewer: Sherry from St Catharines ON Canada
My fabric cutter is my best friend - since you sent it to me I take it everywhere~~
it has been on fishing trips~~ stamp club get togethers ~~ retreats ~~ guild
thank you for the help you gave-
I had a few teething problems and you were there to sort me out -
just a phone call away.
I will recommend this machine and stitch in the ditch to all my quilting friends

I highly recommend this machine June 12, 2013
Reviewer: Anita from Victoria BC Canada
I just got my Big Shot pro machine from Stitch in the Ditch and
I have to agree with everything you said, amazing service, so helpful
and the advise I got made all the difference, I was confused as to
what I needed to go with the machine. My husband insisted I get this
machine as I was in constant pain with arthritis when using a rotary cutter,
I got him to help and then got annoyed when the cuts were so bad, he read
up on this machine spoke with Nula at this store and said I had to have it.
Well anyone in doubt this is a fantastic machine it does every thing
they say and more, I can cut with ease, it makes
quilting the joy it should be and I have a very happy husband!

Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutter May 8, 2013
Reviewer: S.Z. from Pickering, ON Canada
I appreciate your unbelievably fast and efficient service. I love the Big Shot.
It works like a charm! I have already saved myself hours of tedious measuring
and rotary cutting by using the strip dies that I purchased along with the Big Shot.
I was nervous about purchasing from the internet, but this was a great experience.
I also appreciated your quick response to my emails for information prior to purchasing.

Canada best deal buy 30 Isacord and save August 7, 2013
Reviewer: Ellie from Montreal QC Canada
Just discovered the NEW save kit -- buy 30 Isacord 1000m threads or more!
and you get the "flirty30" save - 20% discount. OMG the prices are fantastic
I use so many of these threads and always need more. I recommend this
" flirty30" kit idea and suggest you put it on your blog or facebook.
I know so many Canadians who would want to get this opportunity to save.
I try to share any deals I find with my quilting buddies and this is certainly the
best deal ever for the threads I can't live without. I found the information on the
main isacord page on the Stitch in the Ditch website

Good Morning @ Stitch in the ditch !! December 19, 2013

I ordered 7 Sewing Machine Guides for all my quilting friends on December 10 th. They arrived at my door December 17th.

Thanks so much for your prompt delivery service.

Merry Christmas!!

Beth Sears

Moncton, New Brunswick

When I first went to purchase my lg studio die cutter the only place I saw to purchase it from was AccuQuilt in the USA.   
It was a very large expense and the shipping was pricey but I decided to do it.  
Imagine my surprise when it reached the door and the duty was another $200.00 
on top of the shipping and handling I had already paid.   
I was pretty upset but  I paid it and vowed never to order from them again.   T
hen I found a Canadian supplier sometime later and was thrilled as the prices were more in line 
with what I saw being reasonable and as well the shipping was through Canada Post 
and was reasonable for even expedited delivery.  This new supplier was Stitch in the Ditch, I was thrilled.  
I work in retail ( nothing to do with anything like this) and I see the restrictions AccuQuilt
 is putting on Stitch in the Ditch as nothing more then bullying.  Tis a sad day.  
Dear Accuquilt;

I ordered one die from you before discovering a Canadian on-line retailer. The cost of shipping was greater than the cost of the die and shipping prices have increased since then.

I’m not sure what prompted your new policy but if you insist on this course of action then you have lost me as a customer and as a proponent of Accuquilt. I will shift over to a competing cutter and cease to recommend your product.

In this day and age of consumer choice and the ability to shop on-line I cannot understand how you can possibly believe that this decision will be a win for you in the long run.

I have been extremely happy with the service I have received from Stitch in the Ditch and urge you to reconsider your decision.

Dianne Ritter --North Vancouver December 2013

Accuquilt user since 2010

I was thrilled to find Stitch in the Ditch, as I have never seen Accuquilt dies in Canadian stores. I have seen them in U.S. stores, but the price is unrealistic and you can never use a coupon on them.

Now with this new “No discount policy” I will no longer support Accuquilt! How can a company that provides its products to a wholesaler, have the audacity to tell a retailer they must sell at a certain price? It is just so unrealistic and idealistic in today’s economy that a business wants to be such a dictator.

I for one will ramp up my support for Sizzix, as their dies work equally as good on fabric, as they do on paper. In fact, many of my paper craft dies work great on broadcloth and felt, so I really have no use for these dies coming from a company with Accuquilt’s attitude.


Nancy Ball --- Victoria December 2013

Just wanted to say thanks a lot for the great patterns that I won on your site. I will most definitely use them. Also, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your great service. I have a ordered a few times and have received my order so quickly that I couldn't believe it, from one side of Canada to the other in four days! I will certainly be recommending your online shop to my quilting friends.
Have a great day and thanks again.
Linda Smith
Halifax, N S December 2013
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Linda Shier. Mitchell Ontario. 20 November 2017

Very quick accurate service. Even if you miss putting what type of foot you use Nulagh called to make sure I was ordering the right template for my machine. This is above and beyond anything I would expect. Love the selection of the rulers and templates that Stitch in the ditch carries and the excellent service I get as she even saved me money on shipping one time to send it a different method than I figured I had to have it shipped by so got a credit toward my next shipment of templates. A penny saved is a penny earned.

David From Burk's Falls. ON
February 2017
Bought a Fabric cutter machine and had the best advise on the correct machine, also the right dies to start with.
Then we needed westalee rulers and again great expert help.
The Westalee rulers have been one of our best investments, they really work and have changed my quilts forever.
Just ordered the Weightless quilter.
What a store we have right here in Canada- tell your friends we need to support people who are out there to give us what we need and the prices are really great.
buying the special deals for the Canadian 150th Birthday, have a check on them - the Canadian Maple leaf fabric is fantastic quality and selling at a super deal this month.
Telling all my quilt friends to visit this store.
Thanks - Canadians supporting Canadians is the best way to describe this store !

Andy from New Brunswick
14 June 2015
Stitch in the Ditch is owned by Nulagh Devlin and we all love her, so enthusiastic, so knowledgeable, always there to help.
Just love the website can drool for hours, love all the videos and photographs that are added to products to help with understanding.
Excited that Missouri Star videos by Jenny are on the site attached to so many of the Sizzix dies, have bought some of the dies that Jenny designed for Sizzix and look forward to more coming out.