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Why we love the new modern polyester threads for quilting!

When polyester thread first appeared over two decades ago, quilters stayed away from it because of its potential to cut through quilting fabric.
Back then, the thread did have microscopic sharp edges that could tear fabric after lots of wear.
we've come a long way since then!
Today's polyester threads are nearly indistinguishable from cotton thread, and the polyester's modern formulation has no sharp edges...only smooth fibers. You can use modern polyester thread without the fear that it will eventually cut your fabric.
In fact, polyester is an excellent choice when the quilt you are working on will receive lots of washing or use.
The polyester thread holds up much better than any cotton thread under these conditions, increasing the longevity of your quilt.

Aurifil's variegated poly thread is a 40wt high-sheen premium trilobal polyester thread.
This thread gives absolutely no lint and no issue with thread breaking.

Aurifil Longarm Polyester 40wt Variegated Thread is the new MUST HAVE variegated polyester thread.
It is a 40wt high sheen premium trilobal polyester thread, ideal for embroidery, quilting, thread painting and decorative stitching.

Poly Longarm is a 40wt high-sheen trilobal polyester thread.
It comes in 10 wonderful variegated colors!
It can be used for more than Longarm quilting.
Use it for embroidery, thread painting, satin stitching, quilting, decorative stitching, and decorative applique

APQS says-

The key to successful quilting lies in choosing a good quality thread - whether that's polyester, cotton, metallic or another type.
Each has positives and negatives.
For example, polyester thread runs smoothly through your machine and creates almost no bobbin lint; however, some quilters insist on only cotton thread in their quilts.
That means more diligent cleaning of the bobbin area on your part, and the bobbin case in particular.
Lint build-up can fill the bobbin raceway and cause tension trouble, not to mention increase the possibility of sewing ugly lint to the back of the quilt if you're not careful.
Since cotton thread is generally weaker than polyester, it also means adjusting the top and bobbin tension for better stitch quality.
If you choose cotton thread, look for a long-staple, Egyptian cotton.
Long staple thread is typically less "linty" and runs more smoothly through the needle's eye.
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Aurifil 40wt Longarm Variegated Jade Polyester Thread Aurifil Longarm Variegated Jade Polyester Thread 40wt 3300yd #5509
Price: C$44.99
You save C$13.00!
Aurifil 40wt Longarm Variegated Mango Mist 3300yd Polyester Thread Aurifil Longarm Variegated Polyester Thread Mango Mist 40wt 3300yd #5506
Price: C$44.99
You save C$13.00!
Aurifil 40wt Longarm Variegated Seashell a Polyester Thread Aurifil Longarm Variegated Polyester Thread Seashell 3300yd 40wt. #5505
Price: C$44.99
You save C$13.00!
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