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Choose to light up any area with a strip of LED lights that stay cool and provide thousands of hours of bright task lighting. The option to fold it in half and light up the bed of your machine makes this strip especially appealing.

Ecolux Led Light Kit

You will be amazed at how well this light performs. It has LED technology with over 50,000 hours of life. Even on newer high end machines that have existing lighting built in, it is simply amazing how much more light this product provides.
Different size lights are available for different size machines.
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Singer Light Bulb - LED Bulb - LED BULB 19/32" Push-In 3.5 Watt - Singer & Other Machines 1 pk (2PCW-LED)
Price: C$26.99
Special Price! C$17.99
You save C$9.00!

Cutterpillar Glow Premium LED Light Board CutterPillar Glow Basic LED Light Pad
Price: C$199.99
SALE PRICE: C$119.99
You save C$80.00!
Daylight Cutting Mat 8"x11" For Wafer Thin lightbox Daylight Cutting Mat 8"x11" For Wafer Thin lightbox U35041
Price: C$22.99
You save C$5.00!
Daylight Wafer 1 Lightbox Daylight Wafer 1 Lightbox 9"x12-1/2" DL35040
Price: C$239.99
SALE PRICE: C$179.99
You save C$60.00!
Featherweight Machine LED Light Ecolux Lighting 3 LED KIT Featherweight -Smaller Machines (900162)
Price: C$92.99
You save C$17.00!

EcoluxLighting 15 LED Complete Kit 900166 EcoluxLighting (15 LED) Mid Arm -Long Arm Machines Complete Kit 900166
Price: C$169.99
SALE PRICE: C$112.99
You save C$57.00!
EcoluxLighting 6 LED Complete Kit 900163 EcoluxLighting 6 LED Medium COMPLET Kit 900163
Price: C$110.99
You save C$23.00!

Ecoluxlighting Large Light (9 LED) w/USB Adapter Ecoluxlighting Large Light (9 LED) with USB adapter 900191
Price: C$159.99
SALE PRICE: C$133.99
You save C$26.00!

Ecolux Led Light Large Light (9 LED) EcoluxLIghting LED (9 LED)
Price: C$56.99
You save C$9.00!
Ecoluxlighting Medium Light (6 LED) w/USB Adapter Ecoluxlighting Medium Light (6 LED) w/USB Adapter 900190
Price: C$149.99
SALE PRICE: C$126.99
You save C$23.00!
Flexible LED Light - Dritz FLEXIBLE LED LIGHT - Dritz 942
Price: C$29.99
You save C$10.00!
Glow Edge to Edge Mat A3 for Light Box Glow Edge to Edge Mat A3
Price: C$29.99
You save C$8.00!
Cutterpillar Glow Premium LED Light Board Light Box - Board Glow Premium LED Cutterpillar 12"x16"
Price: C$219.99
SALE PRICE: C$169.99
You save C$50.00!
Ecolux 12 LED Lighting KIT Longarm Kit 4 (900165) White LED Strip Lighting (12LED) Mid Arm Machines by EcoluxLighting
Price: C$129.99
SALE PRICE: C$105.99
You save C$24.00!
Designed with quilters and sewers in mind. The Ecolux LED’s are the best quality light available. You get true white vertical light to Illuminate your entire work area and needle.