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Needle - HLX5
The HLx5 needle style is a home machine needle (it has a flat shank) which has been designed to stitch through heavy fabric and leather.
It has a unique tapered shape to it, which helps form good stitches while stitching very fast (1,500+ stitches per minute).

Did you know that most sewing is about 85-90% straight stitching?
This is why a lot of sewers who are mostly into clothing construction and quilting swear by the accuracy and precision that a straight stitch only machine can give.

Want to improve your quilting? Then look for a Straight Stitch Machine!
A Few Straight stitch Machine on the Market right now-

Pfaff 1200 Grand Quilter,
Husqvarna Mega Quilter,
Brother PQ1300 PQ1300 PQ1500S,
Janome 1600P 1600P-DB 1600-QC,
Singer 2OU 31-15,
Babylock BLQP BL500A,
JUKI --- DDL-227 DDL-555 DDL-8700 TL-98E TL-98P TL-98QE TL2000Qi TL2010.

These needles were designed specifically for high speed Straight Stitch Machines.

Compatible with Babylock Sewing Machine Models: BLQP.
Compatible with Brother Sewing Machine Models: PQ-1300, PQ-1500 & PQ-1500S.

Compatible with Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine Models: Mega Quilter
Compatible with Juki Sewing Machine Models: TL98E, TL98Q & TL-98QE.
Compatible with Pfaff Sewing Machine Models: 1200 Grand Quilter.
Compatible with Janome P1600 High speed straight stitch-only

Bag Makers love the Straight Stitch Machines - sew those thick seams with ease!

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Schmetz #1843 HLx5 100/16 HLx5 Needles 100/16 HLx5 Straight Stitch Machines 5pk (1843)
Price: C$13.99
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HLx5 Quilter Machine Needles 5pk 75 /11 HLx5 Needles 75/11 (HLX5) Straight Stitch Machine 5pk 1841
Price: C$11.99
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HLx5 Quilter Machine Needles 5pk HLx5 Needles 90/14 (HLX5) Straight Stitch Machine 5pk (1842)
Price: C$13.99
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Organ HLx5 100/16 HLx5 Organ Needles 100/16 Straight Stitch Machines 10pk
Price: C$13.99
Special Price! C$9.99
You save C$4.00!
HLx5 Organ Quilting Machine Needle Size 12/80. Pack10 HLx5 Organ Quilting Machine Needle Size 12/80. Pack10 Needles
Price: C$13.99
You save C$5.00!
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Price: C$19.99
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10 Groz Beckert Ball-Point DBX1 16X231 16X257 1738 Sewing Machine Needles Needles Groz Beckert Ballpoint 110/18 Titanium 10pk
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