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Is it possible to have too much thread?

If you see a Set in a Tin - remember you have to pay for that Tin! The distributing company adds this price with your threads, so you can have an extra tin lying around!
We will not charge you over $20 for this tin - we say more threads please!
So remember we may show what is offered in a special set ( with Tin!) - and then we offer the threads at our great prices!

Isacord polyester embroidery thread a high quality, strong, yet very thin thread designed for embroidery, but also perfectly suited for applique and free motion quilting.
Isacord - this 40 wt. thread is very thin, making it an excellent choice for free motion quilting designs that require a lot of travel stitching.
Isacord is also very strong and able to take the high speed and intensity of machine quilting and embroidery Isacord is also virtually lint-free.

Cheaper threads throw off balls of lint that can clog up both the bobbin and top area of a machine.
This lint can easily destroy a good machine
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Thread Socks/Nets - Dritz Longarm Thread Socks/Nets - Dritz Longarm
Price: C$11.99
You save C$6.00!
Spool Stabilizer and Cap Set Spool Stabilizer and Cap Set
Price: C$12.99
You save C$6.00!
Thread Stand Thread Holder / Stand Universal NEW!
Price: C$33.99
You save C$13.00!

Isacord Thread Value Set #22 4 Spools Isacord Thread Value Set #22 4 Spools 1000 meters
Price: C$43.99
Special To Day! C$23.99
You save C$20.00!
Isacord Color REAL Thread Chart BACK IN STOCK!
Price: C$45.99
You save C$8.00!

Isacord Thread Value Pack# 1 Isacord Thread Value Set #1
Price: C$65.99
You save C$34.00!
Thread Nets - Handy Nets Spool Covers Thread Nets approx. 6" long 12 pk Superior Threads
Price: C$6.99
Yours To-day! C$4.49
You save C$2.50!

Isacord Thread Set- Be Dazzled -12 spools 1000m
Price: C$131.99
Now Only! C$69.99
You save C$62.00!