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Why we love the new modern polyester threads for quilting!

Isacord thread is best for free motion quilting, applique, and embroidery.

When polyester thread first appeared over two decades ago, quilters stayed away from it because of its potential to cut through quilting fabric.
Back then, the thread did have microscopic sharp edges that could tear fabric after lots of wear.
we've come a long way since then!
Today's polyester threads are nearly indistinguishable from cotton thread, and the polyester's modern formulation has no sharp edges...only smooth fibers. You can use modern polyester thread without the fear that it will eventually cut your fabric.
In fact, polyester is an excellent choice when the quilt you are working on will receive lots of washing or use.
The polyester thread holds up much better than any cotton thread under these conditions, increasing the longevity of your quilt

Choosing the appropriate thread for embroidery is very important.
Most quality embroidery designs are created to be sewn using 40- weight polyester embroidery thread (Isacord) and a 60-weight poly- ester bobbin thread (Bottomline)

The thread you use really DOES matter for the overall outcome of your quilt.

Many of us discovered this the hard way!
For best results, also use Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers
inside your bobbin case to reduce the number of thread nests and breaks while you quilt

We recommend our customer purchase the Isacord Shade Card - which is made up in Germany by Amann the manufacturers of Isacord -- this has an actual Thread Sample of Each Color
Remember computer monitors can alter color - we try to be as precise as possible - the only way for you to be certain of each color is with the
Isacord Actual Thread Charts
The high abrasion resistance of Isacord gives your embroidery an extremely long life.
The 'Snap Down' base and kingspool design prevents thread loss and easy storage.
Isacord is not only very fast against light, boiling and washing, but also against rubbing and chlorine.