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One way that you can smooth out your fabric when using fusible fleece is to first fuse a layer of Shape Flex to the fabric, then follow it with a layer of fusible fleece.

Pellon SF-101 Shape Flex Fusible Woven

I use this in 100% of my bags. I might use it in different ways, but bar none, it is the most important interfacing in my stash. I fuse Shape Flex to every single pocket that I make. I fuse it to facings in garments. I for sure fuse it to an area around a zipper to help reinforce that area.

What Sara has to add -
Shape Flex will make a quilt-weight cotton have the feel, once fused, of a decor-weight or canvas-weight fabric.
It will give the fabric a bit of sturdiness.
As with the previous interfacings, the rough tacky side should go against the wrong side of your fabric before ironing.
It is perfect as a stand-alone interfacing if you are making a small pouch or other smaller accessory.
You can even combine it with other interfacings.
Someone asked me the other day what is the most interfacing I have used on one piece of fabric, and the answer is 3.
I like to experiment a lot, and there is no right or wrong answer. I might use a layer of Shape Flex, one of Thermolam, and another of 520.
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