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Silk will give your quilts a luxurious feel, they are very durable, and are warm although light as a feather.

Silk Fabrics are so Beautiful and Delicate - they make a luscious Quilt
Silk is slippery - Silk frays terribly - really hard to cut.
We have the answer!
We suggest you start by applying Shape Flex interfacing to the back of the Silk Fabric before you cut, French Fuse is another popular interfacing used to apply to back of silk fabric before cutting.

This will provide stability and prevent raveling along the edges.
The interfacing also makes cutting so much easier as many silk and silk-type fabrics can be very slippery.
As with all new projects - start off with a new needle
Sharps #70, #80 recommended needle sizes.
Use fine pins.
Sewing seams may leave them bulky - just open seams when pressing.
We prefer to use steam on the back side when pressing.

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SF101 Shape Flex from Pellon White, 20" x 10yd bolt SF101 Shape-Flex Fusible Interfacing 20" x 10yd Pellon (SF101-10)
Price: C$99.99
Special Price! C$79.99
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PPSF101-60 Pellon Shape-Flex White, 60" x 2yd Shape-Flex Fusible WIDTH 60" x 2 yd Pellon (PPSF101-60)
Price: C$42.99
You save C$10.00!
Silk Fabric Collection Silk Dupioni Fabric 10 piece Collection
Price: C$199.99
SALE PRICE: C$158.99
You save C$41.00!
Silk Fabric Collection Silk Dupioni Fabric 20 Quilt Silk Fabrics
Price: C$299.99
SALE PRICE: C$249.99
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Wild Fantasy Fabric Cool - Assorted Embellishments Wild Fantasy Fabric Cool - Assorted Embellishments
Price: C$79.99
You save C$22.00!