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Chrome Professional Grade Needles for Domestic Machines by Schmetz
Schmetz Sewing Needles
Superior Machine Needles
Needles HLx5 Home Quilt Machine

Your stitches are only as good as your needle. A needle will last about 8 - 12 hours of sewing and will become blunt or bent over time.
Change your needle often.

Titanium Embroidery needles.
These are the absolute, hand’s down best needles out there for machine embroidery.

Organ Titanium - They make for Superior and Janome
Chrome Professional Grade Needles for Domestic Machines by Schmetz

If You Love Your Sewing Machine – Replace The Needle Often!

There is a new needle in town . . . SCHMETZ Chrome Professional Grade needles!

Power Quilters, Embroidery Enthusiasts and Stitch Mavens are sewing faster and more intensely than ever.
New home sewing machines are built to sew faster than ever - 1000 stitches/minute and more.
SCHMETZ® Chrome Professional Grade is the perfect sewing partner.
Chrome resists heat.
Chrome resists wear.
That little needle takes a beating stitch by stitch and it gets hot.
Chrome will stay cool longer with less stitch distortion.
Chrome aids the thread to pass through the needle eye with less friction and less heat build-up.
Chrome also allows the needle to pass through the fabric with less resistance.

These chrome needles will withstand your power quilting and stitch addiction.

Needles wear out.
Just think of the number of times that the point of the needle goes through the fabric when sewing a seam.
They may look alright to the naked eye, but the points become dull.
Using a dull needle puts stress on the sewing machine.
There is another factor in the life of a needle. As those miles of thread pull through the eye they rub on the steel causing the eye to become rough and it can shred the thread.
Don't think that just because the needle is not broken it is alright.

a dull needle can cause a lot of damage to both the project being sewn and the machine itself.
Schmetz Sewing Needles
New Chrome Needles From Schmetz

These chrome needles will withstand your power quilting and stitch addiction.

Quilting Needles

The special taper to the slightly rounded point helps to prevent damage to fabrics sewn in layers and allows easier fabric penetration which helps eliminate skipped stitches.
This needle is made especially for piecing and machine quilting.

Microtex Needles

This distinctive needle features a very thin acute point for creating beautiful topstitching and for stitching on delicate or unique fabrics such as modern, micro fibers, high-thread count batiks, polyester, silk, foils, artificial leather and coated materials. When precision is vital such as for quilt piecing, achieve perfectly straight stitches using Microtex

Universal Sewing Needles
This all-purpose needle is ideal for general sewing. It features a slightly rounded ball point – perfect for a variety of fabrics including knits and woven

Embroidery Needles
Use with specialty embroidery threads. The distinct scarf, widened groove & enlarged eye protect fragile threads & guard against excess friction allowing trouble-free embroidery and decorative stitching. The light ball point makes this needle friendly to a large variety of fabrics.

Superior Machine Needles

Superior Threads is known for their careful selection of high quality products and Organ Needle Company (Japan) teamed together and applied the latest technology of titanium-coated needles to the Topstitch style for home machines.

Because these titanium-coated needles have an ultra thin coat of titanium nitride, they will stay sharper longer and outlast any current Topstitch needle on the market.
Titanium-coated needles have been available for longarm and industrial machines for many years but these are the first titanium-coated Topstitch style needles made for home machines.
Why select a Topstitch Needle for everyday tasks?
The Topstitch needle has a larger eye and deeper groove.
It is often referred as the MAGIC NEEDLE and can make a difference in your sewing experience.
Needles HLx5 Home Quilt Machine
Straight Stitch Machines use a specific Machine Needle for best results - HLx5