Hi Friends -------REMEMBER TIME DIFFERENCE - WE ARE IN BC CANADA----- *****STORE TEMPORARY CLOSED TODAY HUGE SHIPMENTS OF SUPPLIES ARRIVING AND WE NEED TO UNPACK**** *********** 4.00PM 7 April 2020 - until 3.00PM 8 April . **************** ********ELASTIC 1/8 AND 1/4" ARRIVE THIS WEEK******** WE WILL HAVE MORE INTERFACING NEXT WEEK ---- PLEASE KEEP CHECKING ***Contact us via email nulagh@stitchintheditch.com *** We are in this together, everyone stepping up to help our country. Stay Safe Sew On and Thank You all for your support ##### OPEN AN ACCOUNT AND GIVE YOURSELF A PASSWORD. THEN ADD ITEMS TO YOUR CART THIS WAY WE CAN HELP WITH YOUR CART IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS#####