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Starching Fabric for Quilting
When ironing my clothes I never use starch, but with quilting I ALWAYS use it.
Yes, this may seem silly, but just try it once and you will be hooked.
Starching your fabric before cutting it can help stabilize the fabric and prevent it from stretching.
It can also help you achieve more accurate piecing.
Use a DRY hot iron (medium-high heat), no steam, preferably 1600 watt or more.

Best Press -

Mary Ellen's Best Press promises to make ironing easier, smells wonderful, and there is no flaking even on dark fabrics. It is non-clogging, acid-free, and leaves no residue, relaxes stubborn wrinkles while giving clothes a crisp, new finish. It makes clothes soil resistant, makes fabric look brand new and does not attract bugs.

Terial Magic Fabric Spray -
The saving grace for smooth, professional embroidery
Resist fraying while you work with your fabric
Easy to sew by machine or by hand
spray-on stabilizer will firm up single-ply fabric
Create dimensional art like fabric flowers, waves, and textures
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Best Press Spray Starch Lavender Fields 16oz Best Press 16oz Spray Lavender Fields
Price: C$14.99
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Best Press Spray Starch Scent Free 16oz Best Press 16oz Spray Scent Free
Price: C$14.99
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Mary Ellen's 33.8-Ounce Best Press Refills, Scent Free Best Press 33.8-Ounce Refills, Scent Free
Price: C$24.99
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No Scent Best Press Starch Alternative Best Press Gallon No Scent Starch Alternative
Price: C$79.99
Special Price! C$57.99
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Starch Brush Starch Brush
Price: C$18.99
Special Price! C$15.99
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Fabric Stabilizer Spray 14.5oz  Sullivans Sullivan's Fabric Stabilizer Spray 14.5oz
Price: C$19.99
You save C$5.00!

Terial Magic 24 oz bottle Fabric Spray Terial Magic 24 oz bottle Fabric Spray
Price: C$23.99
Special Price! C$17.99
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Terial Magic 8oz. bottle - Liquid Fabric Stabilizer - Terial Arts Terial Magic 8oz. bottle - Liquid Fabric Stabilizer - Terial Arts
Price: C$15.99
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Terial Magic Gallon Refill Terial Magic Fabric Spray- Gallon Refill
Price: C$85.99
Special Price! C$68.99
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