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Bottom Line Superior Threads 1000m
Superior Bottom Line Thread 3000yds

Superior Bottom Line sewing thread is an innovative bobbin thread for sewing with all types of top thread in your sewing machine, including metallic and designer threads - LINT FREE Never Felt So Good!!!

Now trust us - these are bobbin threads! When you use these you will be astonished at the results. If you are a hand applique fan, these are way way better than silk thread. ***Our Experts are all telling us they are using these instead of silk thread for Applique*** So now start your collection - change your sewing results forever! We recommend you use the color closest in color to your top thread

Start with the smaller needle size (70/10) when using it in the top and bobbin. When using it in the bobbin go with the needle size you need for your top thread.
Watch the video on The Bottom Line Thread – educating yourself about something you purchased is the smart thing


The Bottom Line by Libby Lehman is an innovative polyester bobbin thread for sewing with all types of top thread including metallic and designer threads. Its Lint Free, ultra smooth, silk-like finish allows it to slide, not grab, to form the perfect stitch with no snagging or knotting.