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Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Victoria's designer dies for Sizzix are inspirational.

Each market I have three new Sizzix Dies that release for the Quilting market. Sizzix is a 40 year old company.
Remember in elementary schools all the die cuts of letters and flowers? Ellison Corp. is the parent company... They have been doing die cutting for a long time.
Sizzix has three different size machines.
Big Shot, -- uses 6" dies
Big Shot Plus, -- uses 6" and 9" dies and the
Big shot Pro.-- uses 6" , 9" and 12" dies
We cut 8 layers of fabric at a time. (Accuquilt cuts 6)
I design for all machines sizes... By mostly they fall in the 6" and 9" platforms...
which gives you over 80 dies to use on the two smaller machines!...and.... You can ALSO use Accuquilt dies in Sizzix machines using a "Go adapter pad" that is a shim to make up for the thinness of there die.
Because our dies are thicker, Sizzix dies do not work in Accuquilt.
(we cut 8 layers, they cut 6)
So that gives you even more die options to use on your Sizzix...
we are literally busting at the seams with excitement over Victoria Findlay Wolfe's THREE brand new dies!

Think triangles. Think trees. Think diamonds, and definitely think points.
All of these geometric shapes are perfectly captured in Victoria's new collection.

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Sizzix Bigz Pro Die - Bow Tie, 9.5" #660927 0. TO BE DISCONTINUED Bow Tie Bigz Pro Die 9.5" #660927
Price: C$69.99
You save C$36.00!
Sizzix Darts Bigz L Die 661282 Victoria Findlay Wolfe 0. TO BE DISCONTINUED Sizzix Darts Bigz L Die 661278
Price: C$35.99
You save C$10.00!
Sizzix Big Shot Plus Cutting Pads, Standard, 8-3/4 x15" 1 Pair 3 Sizzix Plus Big Shot 8-3/4 x15" Cutting Pads 2 pack
Price: C$43.99 MSRP
Special Price! C$32.99
You save C$11.00!
Sizzix Cutting Pads 6" x 14-1/2" 655267. 3. Cutting Pads Essential Size 6"x14-1/2" 655267
Price: C$29.99 MSRP
Special Price! C$19.99
You save C$10.00!
Big Shot Pro Cutting Pads 12" x 14" 2pk 656253 3.Cutting Pads Pro Machine 12" x 14" 2pk 656253
Price: C$56.99
Special Price! C$40.99
You save C$16.00!

Sizzix Hexagon 5" Sides Die 658115 5" Large Hexagon 9-1/2" Across Pro Die 658115
Price: C$56.99
Special Price! C$30.99
You save C$26.00!
Fresh Modern & Timeless 12 WT Large Aurifil Thread Aurifil 12wt Fresh Modern & Timeless Thread Collection 12 Large
Price: C$169.99
SALE PRICE: C$119.99
You save C$50.00!
Contemporary Dyecraft Book Contemporary Dyecraft Book
Price: C$25.99
You save C$10.00!
Double Wedding Ring Quilts Book Traditions made Modern Double Wedding Ring Quilts Book Traditions made Modern Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Price: C$39.99
You save C$14.00!

Modern Rainbow Quilt Book By Rebecca Bryan Modern Rainbow Quilt Book By Rebecca Bryan
Price: C$33.99
You save C$15.00!

Sizzix Double Wedding Ring, 9" #660532 Sizzix Double Wedding Ring, 9" Bigz XL Die #660532
Price: C$59.99
You save C$18.00!
Sizzix Tulip  Pro Die 660198  Victoria Findlay Wolfe TO BE DISCONTINUED Sizzix Tulip Die Big Shot Pro #660198
Price: C$59.99
You save C$30.00!
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