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Vintage Machines - they are solidly built of metal to last for decades or centuries.
Yes, you heard me right: centuries - not including the motors or electric wiring, which can be easily replaced

The most popular brand in the world is Singer, of course. But there are others. Wheeler and Wilson, Jones, New Home, White Rotary, and a whole heap of others were American machines. However, Germany was another sewing-machine mecca – brands like Sidel & Naumann, Pfaff, Frister & Rossman, Stowa, Wertheim, and Vesta (among countless others) dominated the European market.
Singer, Pfaff, Elna, Necchi, Brother, White, Bernina (good vintage Berninas are rarer than hen's teeth).
This does not even scratch the surface.

Good companies made machines and "badged" them with the name of the department store selling them.

There are many different sizes of tires available.
If you are looking for a different size please let us know.

Needles for Vintage machines What I shall term ‘1st Generation’ (transverse-shuttle) sewing machines used Singer 12-type needles.
These needles are perfectly cylindrical and are unlike any other needle in the world.
Which makes them extremely rare.
They’re not manufactured anywhere, anymore.
Not even in a reproduction manner. Transverse-shuttle machines are therefore almost useless for sewing with in the 21st century.
Unless you have a huge stockpile of these old-fashioned needles lying around – you simply can’t use these anymore.

By the time the 15x1 needles with flatted shanks were introduced in the later part of the 19th century, the design was pretty much optimized and so they became the standard used on almost all subsequent domestic models up to this day.
Other manufacturers also adopted the same 15x1 design as their standard, so it became almost a universal needle design.
There are four vintage Singer sewing machines that use needles that are slightly different than the standard 15x1 needle used in 99.9% of all home sewing machines.
The models are Singer's first domestic zig zag machine, the 206 and its successors, the 306, 319, and the rare free arm 320. The correct needles for these models is the 206x13.
Most domestic sewing machines, regardless of maker, utilize the Class 15 design of needle.
These are identified as 15x1, 2020, 130/705H, HAx1 etc. in the various needle makers cataloging systems.
The only other needles occasionally encountered on domestic models, are the much shorter 24x1 needles used in models 20 and 24 machines and the 206x13 needles used on Singer models 206, 306, 319 & 320.
The 206x13 is the same as the 15x1 except that the distance from the eye to the point is much smaller.
It is VERY important that 15x1 needles are not used in machines designed for 206x13’s, or it may result in serious damage to the bobbin case.

Prior to the mid 1960’s there was only one kind of needle and these were called ‘sharps’.

When man-made fabrics became available, it was found that ‘sharp’ needles could not penetrate the fibers and bounced off producing skipped stitches.
To overcome this a ‘ball point’ needle was introduced.
The ball point needle has a more rounded tip that slips between the fibers instead of trying to pierce them.
Later in an attempt to avoid confusing people who didn’t know which needle to buy, a ‘universal’ was developed which was part way between a sharp and a ballpoint with a slightly rounded point.

For many years all needles were sized according to the Singer system of numbering from 9 to 21.
In 1953 a new ‘metric’ designation was agreed where the size of the needle referred to the shaft diameter just above the scarf.
Thus a metric size 75 needle would measure 0.75 mm diameter, for which the closest Singer size is Size 11.
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Bobbin Winder Tire 15287A Singer Bobbin Winder Ring #15287-717 (26mm) Pfaff, Singer Machine
Price: C$3.99
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Bobbin Winder Tire 15287A Singer Bobbin Winder Tire Ring - Standard 15287A ( most popular )
Price: C$1.29
Yours To-day! C$0.65
You save C$0.64!
Foot Pedal Stay -Martelli No Slip Pad for Machine Foot Pedal Get A Grip Martelli No Slip Pad for Machine
Price: C$34.99
You save C$9.00!
Organ Ball Point  75/11 10pk 6695  15 x1 Organ Ball Point 75/11 10pk 15x1 6695
Price: C$12.99
You save C$4.00!
Organ Needles Sharps 80/12-10pk  6692  15 x1 Organ Needles Sharps 80/12-10pk 15 x1 6692
Price: C$12.99
You save C$5.00!
Organ Titanium Needles 90/14 Pkt10 6835-14 HAx130 Organ Titanium Needles 90/14 Pkt10 HAx130 6835
Price: C$23.99
You save C$4.00!
Schmetz 206X13 sz80/12 10/pkg for Singer 206, 306 Schmetz 206X13 sz80/12 10/pkg for Singer 206, 306
Price: C$13.99
You save C$5.00!
Schmetz 206X13 sz90/14 10/pkg for Singer 206, 306 Schmetz 206X13 sz90/14 10/pkg for Singer 206, 306
Price: C$13.99
You save C$5.00!
The Thread Director - Specialty Thread Spool Pin Adapter The Thread Director - Specialty Thread Spool Pin Adapter
Price: C$36.99
Special Price! C$27.99
You save C$9.00!
Treadle Leather Belt with Metal Hook Treadle Leather Belt with Metal Hook 3/16 Inch X 72 Inch
Price: C$12.99
Special Order C$10.99
You save C$2.00!