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Sewing Machine 1/4" Quilting foot
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Sewing Machine Walking Foot - Darning Foot
We have a very large selection of Sewing Machine Presser Feet available Snap on Low Shank High Shank

Most machines made since 1980 use snap-on feet. (Except Berninas that have their own style of attaching, and therefore need an adaptor).

If foot is not screwed on, it is a snap-on.

All Viking machines are snap-on.

Most Japanese machines are snap-on (Brother).

Singers have snap-on or screw on feet
All Featherweights use low shank feet.
The only thing you need to be concerned with is the type of shank you are working with.
Teflon Feet are available for ease of use with fabrics like vinyl, leather and faux leather
we have special feet for the high shank machines that many home quilters use.