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Whether quilting on a domestic machine or a longarm machine I like to mark reference lines on my quilts.
Reference lines give me a much better result.
If I am using rotating templates, reference lines will give much more accurate spacing.
On a domestic machine the quilt is not taught as on a longarm machine and there is movement of the quilt sandwich which can make it difficult to use the rotating lines on the templates.
So I mark in the reference lines. I like using our Cross Hair Ruler to locate the centre and mark 4, 8, 16 and 32 lines if required.

From Leonie West -
Wreaths are beautiful but they are extremely difficult to stitch freehand, many accomplished quilter's will tell you that it is very difficult to stitch the same shape 16 times around to form a wreath.
But with a template it is easy.

I mark 4 cross hair reference lines to locate the centre of the block and to give me 4 points of reference to make certain that my wreath ends at the correct position.
Ruler work can be used to form a complete quilting design or can be used as the backbone of a design and ruler work can be used as fillers.
When I design a template I always put in reference lines for a number of reasons, the reference lines help keep you on track and some references lines make if easy to use the template to create border and sashing desi gns using the templates.

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