The Westalee Ruler foot Glides around the Ruler Templates!

The Modern Way to Complete your quilt on your very own Home Sewing Machine. Templates in 1/4" for Mid Arm and Long Arm Machines


Westalee have Low Shank Foot - High Shank Foot - Medium Shank Foot NOW available as individual foot!
We of course have the
NEW Ruler Foot with Arc and Stable Tape in NEW Packaging in all Ruler Foot Sizes

NEW Slant Foot for those ladies who have Slant Shank machines! Singer available and hopefully Viking Slant mid 2019.

NEW Decorative Thread Ruler Foot
Westalee quilting products have set the world alive with how you may quilt on a domestic sewing machine.
Introducing the NEW Decorative Thread Ruler Foot for couching.

The low and medium shank Ruler Feet take the low shank templates.
The High and High Special Feet take the high shank templates.

High Shank or Low Shank Ruler Foot with slot for height adjustment so that fabrics will not ride up and down with the needle.


A Sew Steady Table to extend your work surface is essential, without an extension table the rulers and the quilt are not supported and become unsteady. Ruler work must be done on an even surface. The supporting legs are easy to adjust.
Free Motion Glide - we have the Sew Slip Slider - this really does make the quilt sandwich move much smoother making quilting so much easier

For Most quilters Machingers Gloves are Essential for Ruler work and Free Motion Quilting.
Crosshair Rulers
Crosshair New Book Crosshair New Book

Threads - most exciting time for Quilters! We are no longer expected to use 100% 40wt Cotton.
Threads - now designed for Quilting they are amazing! Polyester variety is incredible, Cotton is also available for high speed quilting machines.
Experiment with threads this is a wonderful time our selection has never been greater.
Leonie West does not restrict herself to one thread weight in a quilt - she is happy to mix up the weights for different effects.
Thread shredding is almost always caused by incorrect needle size for the thread being used.
We recommend a tall thread stand placed behind your machine- carrying the thread longer distance often prevents problems.

Do not press hard on the template, the template and fabric need to move freely.

Machine Tips

Don’t worry about the stitch length when you begin, stitch length comes with practice.
*See “Tension For Ruler Work” video on YouTube.
Set your machine to sew a straight stitch with the needle in the center position.
You can free motion quilt by lowering your stitch length to 0 or you can quilt with your feed dogs lowered.
The Ruler Foot should ride gently against the template with you fingers in the region of the Ruler Foot.

*See “Westalee Ruler Foot for Domestic Machines” video on YouTube.
Recommend using
Superior Titanium coated Topstitch Needles or Schmetz Chrome Quilting or Topstitch Needles
Leonie West uses different size needles - one size does not fit all.
She tells us she frequently uses size 75/11 size - we carry all sizes and recommend having a selection.

Medium Foot for the Newer Pfaff ( Expression- Creative Vision etc)
Pfaff Sewing Machines

all other Pfaff use the Low shank foot

When using a Medium Shank Foot for your Pfaff machine - adjust settings on Pfaff for Medium foot use
you will need to use either the Spring Free Motion setting for the Expression and Creative range of machines,
or put your presser foot into the mezzanine position - free motion position - darning position (refer to your manual).

Bernina Sewing Machines If you have a Bernina buy a snap-on adapter specifically for Bernina.
Depending on the model you have you will need the old style or new style adapter. We have both

We recommend using the #77 Shank Adaptor (the #75 Shank Adapter is too close to the needle plate, making it difficult to move templates as the shank adaptor presses on the templates).
Bernina have brought out a Bernina Ruler Foot that works perfectly with Westalee Rulers

Great information for the Bernina 72 Foot.

We used the Bernina #72 Foot with our Sew Steady Westalee Low Shank Templates at Bernina University last year and it worked great.
You have to turn off the pivot action on the Bernina machine, and you have to adjust the foot to the lowest position. Sew Steady

Jessica at Dream World advised,
"One thing I like to share with customers is the Bernina #72 Foot can work with any of our Westalee Design Templates.
We used our Low Shank Templates (3mm) with this Foot at Bernina University last year, and they worked quite well.
The use of our Low Shank Templates does require the customer turn off the pivot action on their Bernina machine, and adjust the Foot to its lowest position.
We certainly understand many of our customers using Bernina’s #72 Foot have a preference of Template thickness, and we do welcome this when a customer expresses a preference.
We see a lot of our High Shank Templates (4.5mm) used with Bernina’s Foot, and while we see some of our Long Arm Templates (6mm) used with the Bernina Foot it may not provide the best visibility of the needle."

Listing some of the Sewing Machines available with Shank Size
Most Modern machines are low shank
Low Shank

High Shank


Babylock Crescendo
Babylock Destiny

High Shank Special Foot
Pfaff 1200 Grand Quilter,
Husqvarna Mega Quilter,
Brother PQ1300 PQ1300 PQ1500S,
Janome 1600P 1600P-DB 1600-QC,
Singer 2OU 31-15,
Babylock BLQP BL500A,
JUKI --- DDL-227 DDL-555 DDL-8700 TL-98E TL-98P TL-98QE TL2000Qi TL2010.

Extension Table made by Sew Steady - supplied by Stitch in the Ditch

Slow Down! Watch Leonie West's Videos and take note she works at a slower consistent speed.

Trouble Shoot

Tension—To have the look of good quilting, you should have your top and bottom threads buried in the batting where they connect.
If you are seeing the bobbin thread on the top of your quilt, the top tension is too high, so lower it.
If you are seeing the top thread on the back of your quilt, your top tension is too low, so raise it.
Leonie West has a great video on tension and adjustments.
Use a new needle
Thread - good quality is important
Basting—We recommend 505 Basting Spray.
Fusible Batting another good alternative.
Marking—When using Westalee Templates, it is beneficial to mark guide lines.
Crosshair Square is essential
• Place enough pressure on the ruler to move the fabric and ruler at the same time.
• There is a fine balance between the proper pressure and too much pressure.

Weightless Quilter is excellent to hold your fabric stop the drag allow you to concentrate on your ruler work.

Don’t put your presser foot up when the needle is down. This is an important one.

Why inside circles?

While making templates for Longarm quilting, it quickly became obvious that quilters had difficulty stitching around the outside of circles and other shapes.
We believe that it is much easier to draw inside a shape than around the outer edge.
So we designed our templates to be stitched around the inside.