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WoolFelt - the original wool felt, renowned for its all-natural heirloom quality. Available in 100+ colors, product lines range from wool-rayon fiber blends to 100% wool.

Felted Wool is wonderful to work with, easy to stitch and embellish. By layering and stitching in and around appliqué you can achieve beautiful dimension on the project.
Remember wool felt does not fray!
Never use acrylic felt! We love the look of wool felt

Did You Know?

One of the really amazing features of wool is that you can shrink it into a fabric that is wind, water, and abrasion resistant. “Felt,” as it is commonly referred to, is a great material for bags, outerwear, or, when made with finer weight yarns, many apparel items.
The process is known variably as boiling, fulling, or felting wool

With Wool Felt projects - do not skimp - use the best Wool Felt and never the Acrylic found in craft stores-it is cheap, stretches pulls apart and is not for Quilt and Applique work.

Our wool blend felt is manufactured in the United States by National Nonwovens.

It is ideal for penny rugs, pillows, faux foods and flowers, ornaments, stockings, puppets, and so much more.
We stock two blend of wool felt, which can be used interchangeably in your projects.
You won't notice a significant difference between the two blends.
Both are approximately 2 mm thick, or approximately 1/16th of an inch thick.

Fiber content is as follows: WCF Styles: 20% wool/80% rayon TOY Styles: 35% wool/65% rayon

The felts can be used straight off the bolt for a flat look. To create a more bubbled texture, the felts can besoaked in hot water and tumbled in a dryer.

We usually pre- wash for larger projects, and when we want that traditional penny-rug look.
If you prefer the flat look that it has straight off the bolt, you can use the felt as-is.
We often don’t wash the felts when we are working with very small pieces for applique, when we want stitching de- tails to be accented, or we want firm body, such as for making dimensional items like cupcakes, etc.

you may find a piece that has folds or creases from being rolled on the bolt, or folded to fit your package.
Rest assured that any folds will come out in the pre-washing process.
If you choose not to pre-wash, creases are easily removed by misting lightly with a spray bottle of water, then ironing with a press cloth and a low, steam setting.

Wool blend felt can shrink 3" x 5" per yard when washed, so be sure to allow adequate yardage for shrinkage. Please be aware that colors can bleed when wet.

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Roseann Meehan Kermes
will have fabulous patterns for us - just look at her work!
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