Sarah Thomas SARIDITTY Artist • Designer • Quilter • Educator


Sariditty Rulers for Rulerwork in Three Ruler Thickness!
We love the name! Sariditty created by Sarah Thomas - designer, artist,educatior and quilter - watch out for this name 2019 is going to see huge exposure and many products under this name.

Did we mention she is an amazing Quilter!

OH! Should mention she Designs! Dimonds are- well everyones Best Friend!

Sarah loves Butterflies! Lets hope we will see more of her butterfly designs later this year!


Ruler Work - the art of Machine Quilting using a Ruler Foot and following around the edge of the ruler - your guide.

This Amazing New Line of Rulers Designed By Sarah and made locally, come in Low Shank 3mm thick, High Shank 4.5mm and Longarm 6mm.
Rulers are all made of Clear Acryic.
All Sariditty rulers are etched, not printed, to provide long-lasting accuracy when quilting - Quality Rulers to allow the best results.

Many companies are offering only Longarm 6mm Rulers and that is not suitable for
Low Shank Machines (these need 3mm Thick rulers) where the shank is just too low for longarm 6mm or High shank 4.5mm rulers.

High Shank Machines prefer the 4.5mm Ruler thickness for ease of use, depending on the design some 6mm will work.
6mm Thickness is ideal for your HandiQuilter Sweet 16, Tiarra, and all those other great makes of Sit down longarm machines - Longarm machines on frames also need the 6mm thick rulers.

Companies produce the 1/2 Ruler Feet which makes it easy for the manufactures of templates for Ruler work to produce the rulers that work perfectly with feet manufactured by the following, Westalee, Clarity, Janome, Bernina and all the other companies who are bringing out ruler feet for their machines.

FREE - Little Stitching Line Discs included with each Ruler!
trace an accurate 1/4 line along the edge of a ruler or template to simulate the stitching line. Allows you to try out designs on paper before you start on your hand quilting or sewing machine quilting.
If you need advise on the correct foot or the correct rulers to purchase send an email or give us a call and we will help.

After considerable work and testing the magnificent rulers are about to arrive. We are really excited!
Another First For Canadians!
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ARC 8" LONG - 2.2" HIGH

We have this Arc similar to the Westalee Arc a few inches longer at 8" on the straight side -but have a look! this one has made excellent use of the center of the ruler - perfect for Stitch in the Ditch work! Two for the price of one and how convenient to use.

We have a complete set of the Arcs (SALE PRICE!)
What Sarah has to say-
Here’s another thing I LOVE about my rulers...!
Both the Arc Collection and Wave Collection puzzle piece next to each other, which provides extra versatility with multidirectional quilting and creating a variety of shapes. Still don’t get what I mean? Check out the pics! — The Cinched Arc and Crescent Arc fit against each other perfectly. Using the concave arc of Cinched allows me to stitch along this side of the appliqué on a longarm with ease. Then using the convex arc of Crescent allows me to maneuver around the shape continuously. I hope that makes sense!

A super set of Circles. called Boomerang and Circles Set

Circles are huge with Quilters - had Longarm ladies worry about the Amanda Murphy Circles not having an open on the rulers, our new Sariditty has the opening!
FREE - Little Stitching Lines included -
trace an accurate 1/4 line along the edge of a ruler or template to simulate the stitching line. Use this to trace out the design on paper prior to quilting it.Use for hand quilting or quilting on a sewing machine.

We Love Sariditty!

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New Templates coming in March! - Valentine is a 4-piece collection yielding 2in, 3in, 4in and 5in heart shapes.
Available in low shank, high shank, and 1/4” thickness.