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Metallic threads are a gorgeous choice for any decorative stitching, machine embroidery, or decorative quilting.
They shine in a way no other thread can.
But many people struggle to use metallic threads because they can be a little more fickle to sew with than others

You should also ensure you’re using the right needle for this thread. We recommend a 90/14 or 100/16 topstitch needle, or a 90/14 metallic needle. Topstitch needles have a larger eye, giving the metallic thread more space to move around and preventing the thread from shredding. Metallic needles are designed to shield the thread as it passes through the fabric, which also prevents shredding. Both needles are a good choice when using this thread.

What is Metallic embroidery thread ?
Metallic thread generally refers to the round, twisted specialty thread that is created by twisting and bonding a fine metallic foil around a strong core to create an exceptionally smooth, strong and pliable thread.
The resultant thread has the shine of a real metal – be it silver, gold or bronze.
Nowadays Metallic thread looks like they are made of metal but are actually made of a synthetic material.
Now it is made with a special type of plastic coated with metallic finish.

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