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Start making your own bags it is so much fun! We use Shape Flex with all our Bag Patterns!

  • Accessories For Bag Making

    Wonder clips are so very useful in Bag Making!

  • Bag Interfacings & Supplies

    By Annie’s Soft and Stable.
    another favorite interfacing.... once I sewed with it, I felt like the difference it makes is so substantial that I couldn’t not use it. It’s kind of amazing.

    Shape Flex perfect for Bags

    SF101 Shape-Flex is an all purpose woven fusible interfacing, perfect for bags, wallets, and pockets. Use as a single layer, double layer, or a stiffening layer between fabric and fusible fleece.

    This is my "go to" interfacing for bags and wallets because it fuses on so well, and leaves your fabric strong but pliable.

    By fusing interfacing to every piece of the outside of the bag you'll add a lot more structure and "OOMPH" to the fabric.

    Some fabrics won’t need it, but most medium-weight or lightweight fabrics will benefit from it.
    Bag Makers Buy Shape Flex by the Bolt! - it is one of essential items used constantly!

    Pellon Thermolam Plus TP971F Fusible Fleece:

    Think thin quilt batting. It’s easy to use, very light, and not too expensive considering it’s double the width of the other interfacings listed. It will hold some shape though

    809 Decor Bond

    Actually, I use this interfacing in 2 layers. I will first fuse a layer of Shape Flex against the wrong side of my fabric, and then follow up with 2 layers of Decor Bond.
    However, the Decor Bond I will cut approximately 1/2″ small on all sides of the particular pattern piece, to keep bulk out of the seam allowance.

    Pellon Craft-fuse 808 (Fusible Stabilizer)

    craft fuse

    Craft-Fuse - Probably my favorite of all the interfacings and I use it much more than any others combined for bags.

    It’s much thinner than Peltex but when doubled up, can be just as stiff.
    It creases easier and can be a little crinkly-feeling, but is much cheaper and easier to sew than Peltex.
    Because it is thinner, you don’t need to trim off the seam allowances before fusing, and it’s much easier to sew through.
    For applications that don’t need to be super stiff (like a bag lining), one layer of Craftfuse is perfect.
    For stiff bag exteriors, simply fuse two layers, one to the fabric, then another over top.
    Craftfuse is interchangeable with Decorbond 809.

  • D-Rings - O-Rings -Rectangle Rings -Speciality Rings- Snaps



  • Foam Stabilizers for Bags

    The favorite thing about using foam interfacing is that it is very easy to sew with and it makes bags look incredibly professional.

    Foam stabilisers are great because they give your handmade bags body, stability and an overall professional finish.
    How we avoid those creases.
    We use Shape-Flex iron to quilt cotton fabrics before we cut - gives our fabrics a more home decor weight and then a more professional looking finish.
    The first layer you fuse onto your bag fabric should be a WOVEN interfacing. (Shape-Flex)
    Woven interfacings are woven just like your bag fabric and will therefore MOVE with/the same way your bag fabric from all that usage.
    They are a MUST in bags, in my opinion to eradicate that bubbling and separation.

    Double sided fusible foam laminated to napped tricot, soft and formable, easy to stitch,
    and needle friendly
    BYANNIE’S SOFT AND STABLE - First on the Market!
    Give a professional finish to bags and other projects with this great product.
    It has many features that make it superior to other battings and stabilizers including being soft comfortable lightweight and easy to sew.
    It also has great lasting body and stability that maintains its shape.
    PELLON FLEX-FOAM FF-77 - New Release! October 2015 - rave reviews!
    100% Polyester lightweight foam stabilizer, sewing machine safe, machine wash warm on gentle cycle, tumble dry low or dry clean.
  • LOCKS - Cord Ends - Stops

    Great Tutorial for installation of Twist locks- Turn Locks or other bag locks

    Cord Ends and Locks

    Cord Lock – A spring loaded cord lock is ideal for securing drawstrings and pullcords.
    Squeeze together, tension is released and cord lock can move freely up and down cord.
    Release, tension engaged and cord lock stays in place.
  • Purse Frames & Handle Chains

    Purse frames are great for making unique designs to match your special outfit and they look so professional.

    Internal bag frames are great for adding stability to your bags
  • Webbing, Strapping Bags Making Etc

    If you are going to sew bags, or stitch with heavy fabrics and do any layer-tastic sewing, you need to invest in a walking foot. With my walking foot I can stitch all fabrics from fine tana lawn through to sticky vinyl and leather and,
    AND it makes sewing through horrible chunky layers so much easier.

    Having webbing on hand allow you to go when the creative moment strikes!
    Always have black or navy on Hand but now I use white when covering with a co coordinating fabric.
    I also love the pink and turquoise and often add a Gross-grain ribbon down the center to give it a unique finish.
    Webbing is commonly found made from cotton, nylon, polyester.
    All webbing will unravel if the ends are not secured or finished in some way.
    When cutting a length of any trim or webbing, it is advisable to wrap the area that will be cut in tape and cut through the tape so that some tape remains on each end.
    A natural fiber such as cotton will need to be secured with stitching, such as a zigzag seam finish.
    I finish the strap ends with a wide and short zigzag stitch (effective, looks great and is super quick!)
    Artificial fibers such as nylon, polyester cutting- gently melt the ends with an open flame that is run across the edge of the webbing - this secures and stops any raveling.
    The melted material is not sewing machine needle friendly!
    Be careful to avoid hitting any melted fibers with your sewing machine needle.