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FWT 221 Black Case #P60221 PRE ORDER Wool Ironing Mat Monster 22"x60"
Price: C$219.99
Pre-Order C$159.99
You save C$60.00!
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Price: C$229.99
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Case Featherweight 221 Extra Large Size
Portable Case Singer 221 Black New Version!

Dimensions: 14 1/2" x 11 1/2" x 8 3/4" - For the featherweight 221
If purchasing for the 222 - check the measurements of your machine

Is your old Featherweight case well-worn or does the internal box have a severe mildew odor?
Then this replica, superior quality Singer Featherweight carrying case will be a beautiful, secure replacement!
The elegant leatherette exterior is stitched at the corners and seams (rather than glued),
giving a lovely presentation.
New Improved stretch handle
A plastic accessory side-tray is included along with keys for the latch.
Handle is designed with an ergonomic, retractable grip making it easy to carry.

NEW ZEALAND 100% WOOL PRESSING MAT - Monster sized Wool Mat
Large enough to fit your oversized ironing board or work-table for quilter
This thick wool pressing mat is the ideal thing to press flat quilt blocks and embroidery designs.
The perfect pressing surface for all your pressing needs.
Because of its dense construction, it's like pressing from both sides at one time!
Use with or without steam for professional results
HOLDS THE HEAT –We advise you to start at a lower heat due to the amount of heat the mats hold.
You can pin into the mat.

Tips and Tricks
  • For best results, use a dry iron when pressing.
  • When pressing an embroidered block, iron on the wrong side.
  • The wool mat will cushion the stitches and retain the texture of the embroidery design.
  • If the mat feels damp after use, hang to air-dry before storing.
  • Wash the mat occasionally by rinsing it in cold water and hang the mat until dry.
  • Starch build-up can scorch the mat if not cleaned properly.
  • Recommended surfaces for the wool mat include Formica, Corian, stone, and metal (an ironing board).
  • Wood and painted surfaces should be avoided.
  • Never place the mat on a rotary cutting mat when pressing.
  • The heat could warp the cutting mat.
  • The wool material keeps your patchwork firm so it won't slip.
  • Made of all natural fibers.

It is roughly 1/2" thick—a uniform thickness.
It's not hard or rigid, you can bend it.
It absorbs heat like a sponge.

New Zealand Wool, Pressing mat, wool mat, ironing mat

Thread Post for Vintage Singer Thread Holder Sasher Collection Mini Set 2pc
Price: C$28.99
You save C$5.00!
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Price: C$28.99
You save C$5.00!
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Thread Post for Vintage Singer Sasher Collection Mini Set 2pc
Designed especially for vintage sewing machines and modern spools of thread, the Thread Post converts your vertical spool pin into a horizontal thread delivery system.

No more twisting and resisting! From spool to needle, thread will flow smoothly and evenly, providing better stitch formation.

Thread Post fits perfectly atop the Singer Featherweight 221, 222 plus any vintage Singer with a vertical spool pin on top of the machine
(e.g. Singer 15, 66, 99, 127, 128, 185, 192 Spartan, 201, 237, 327, 328, 401, 403, 404, 500, and 503
- use far right pin on Slant-O-Matic & Rocketeer models).

Slide the tapered point of the Thread Post onto the machine's spool pin.
thread stand, thread holder, featherweight, singer,221, thread post, vintage machines
  • Sasher Collection sizes 1-1/8in & 1-1/4in .
  • Great sizes for binding.
  • Press and fold straight grain or bias strips of fabric.
This is a set of two Sashers - one is 1-1/4in and the other is 1-1/8in - depending on the cut size of your fabric. you are right - 2-1/2in strip of fabric needs a 1-1/4in sasher to feed through to a finished size of 1-1/4in.
The 1-1/8in sasher is for a 2-1/4in fabric strip (some like the slightly smaller binding.)
The fabric size is ALWAYS double the Sasher size.
The Sasher size is ALWAYS the finished size of the pressed fabric strips.
45mm Refill Replacement Blades all 45mm Rotary Cutters 10pk Mighty Bright Sewing Machine Light #MB64602
MSRP: C$79.99
Price: C$49.99
Perfect Gift! Perfect Day! C$29.99
You save C$50.00!

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Price: C$30.99
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Blade Refill for Rotary Cutter 45mm Mighty Bright Sewing Machine Light
New Bulk Pack of 45mm Rotary Blades! Works on all 45mm Rotary Cutters

Circular rotary replacement blade for 45mm rotary cutters. Used for quilting, sewing and general crafts.
This blade is made of high quality tungsten carbide tool steel for for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention.
Cuts up to 6 layers of fabric. rotary cutter refills are great to have on hand!
Don't be in the middle of your next project and deal with those dull blades that pull your beautiful fabric!
Illuminate your sewing space with this small but bright lamp!
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