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Essential Notions for the Sewing Experience

Have you tried the SewTites for Applique? we at Stitch in the Ditch love these for this purpose.


Wonder Clips are essential - try teach a young person to make a bag with lots of pins!
Never pin Leather - Cork - Kraft Tex - Pins leave holes!
Velvet, laminate and so many other fabrics love wonder clips!
Never be without your wonder clips.
Pins may be the tiniest of sewing tools, but they take on big, important jobs.
They hold pattern pieces in place, anchor seam allowances as you sew, fit fabric on the body, and secure all sorts of squirmy trims, delicate sequins, and miniscule beads.
If, like many of us, you take for granted the pins that pepper your pincushion, I urge you to take a good hard look-from head to point-at each of those little bits of metal.
There are many, many pins on the market-some are quite unusual and wonderful.
What is the reason for all of these choices?
One pin can't successfully tackle all fabrics and sewing tasks.
Simply stated, different jobs require different pin



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