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They were first introduced in 1935 and continued in production up until 1961.
It was the Singer Manufacturing Company's finest domestic sewing machine.

The 201 came in four different sub-classes in the US.
201-1 - a treadle operated version (much more common than hand cranks in the US)
201-2 - has an electric potted motor
201-3 - has an electric external belted motor
201-4 - uses a hand crank (more common in the UK)
The 201-3 has the usual sewing machine motor that takes a belt.

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CORD Singer 221 Double Lead 201 * 781. Power Cord /Lead Double Singer 221, Works with many Singer machines
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Foot Control Pedal - PFW-196131 * Foot Control / Power Cord Singer Machines 221 988274-102
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Walking Foot Featherweight Singer 221 Low Shank P60400 * Singer Walking Foot with Guide, Low Shank P60400
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Thread Cutter mountable - Black Singer * Thread Cutterz Flat Mount Black -Singer
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1/4" Foot Featherweight 221 222, Low Shank 1/4" Foot Open-Toe LOW Shank Machines #P60801
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Bobbin Winder Tire 15287A Singer 10 pk Bobbin Winder Tire Ring - Standard BULK
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Screw, Feed Dogs, Set of 2 208 Screws Feed Dog, 2pack Class 15. 201, 221 Singer
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Bobbin Winder Rubber TIRE Rings Bobbin Winder Rubber TIRE Rings 2 PK #BP2460
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Spool Pin SINGER 15-88 BSP2007 Spool Pin, Drive-In Metal, Singer 15-30
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Carbon Brush Motor 192457 Carbon Brush Motor Set of 2. Singer 221, 15.88 #192457
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Belt Motor Lug Belt 15" Motor 15 3/8", Singer 15,66, 127,128,306K,201 193077
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Metal Bobbin Class 66 Pack 10 172222 Metal Bobbins, Singer Class 66 /99 /201. Pack 10 #172222T
Price: C$20.99
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SINGER Bobbin Winder Tension, #125396 SINGER Bobbin Winder Tension
Price: C$8.99
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Singer Feed Dog Feeder - 221.  45788 Singer Feed Dog 201, 221, 222,223, 301 (45788)
Price: C$34.99
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Needle Plate Singer 15-91 SINGER 15-88 SINGER Needle Plate 15-88, 15-90, 201 #125319
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Upper thread Tension Singer Featherweight 221 Tension Dial Singer Featherweight 45871
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Walking Foot (Even Feed Foot) with Teeth  Japan 10449 Walking Foot (Even Feed Foot) with Teeth Japan Bro/ Kenmore 10449
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