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Unlock Precision in Quilting With Westalee Crosshair Squares

Embark on a journey of precise quilting with the Westalee Design Crosshair Squares, an essential tool for quilters seeking accuracy and symmetry in their projects. At Stitch in the Ditch, we understand the importance of flawless design placement. These Crosshair Squares are designed to empower you, making it a breeze to align your designs and achieve professional-level results. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced quilter, these tools are engineered to enhance your craft and bring your creative visions to life.

The Crosshair Square is amazing for marking your block with Crosshair Lines. If you mark your blocks, it is MUCH easier to keep the design straight and where you want it to be. The block marker - crosshair squares - allows you to make vital registration marks on your quilt to keep you on track.

Our Crosshair Ruler range now includes 8-point, 6-point, 5-point, and 2 Spiral Crosshair Rulers in both 8-point and 6-point.

Whether quilting on a domestic machine or a longarm machine, I like to mark reference lines on my quilts. Reference lines give me a much better result. So, I mark in the reference lines. I like using our Cross Hair Ruler to locate the centre and mark 4, 8, 16, and 32 lines as needed.

Questions and Answers:

Q. Can the Crosshair templates break?

A. Absolutely, treat them carefully and they will last a lifetime.

Q. Can I mark my quilt top with batting and backing attached?

A. Please do not — you need a flat surface to mark your quilt.

Q. My chalk marker is skipping when marking.

A. Try using a Chaco liner pen — it is the perfect size for the channels.

Q. Should I be gentle when cleaning the chalk off the crosshair?

A. Yes, you could break your crosshair if you’re not treating it with care.



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