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Canada's On-Line Quilt Supply Source - Giving Canadians the prices they deserve.
If you are visiting this area you can arrange to come collect your orders and avoid shipping charges.

Welcome to our store!
Stitch in the Ditch strives to be the Best Canadian Online Supply Store- we support Canada and Canadians - you will find products made in Canada where possible.
We want Canadians to feel they have the best deals in their own backyard - no more buying outside our Country- we strive to achieve this goal.
If the cut is accurate the sewing is perfect!

Family and our new Arrival Killian!
We desperately need a family reunion!
Who am I ?

Hi Folks! Nulagh Here- you ask about that name! It is Irish and the common Irish spelling is Nuala the gh on the end of mine was to make it unique a very Irish thing!
I had a vision - no more buying outside our country!!
I was one of those enthusiastic Quilters who searched the web and was so disappointed that what I wanted was outside of Canada - No longer! Stitch in the Ditch is here for Canadians.
My aim is to give you personal service, fantastic prices and the support you just don`t get from other on-line businesses.
I quickly accept we can make mistakes -- so don`t expect the impossible, we do have wonderful customers who are really keen to support their County and StitchintheDitch!

Our mantra Canadians supporting Canadians

I have lived in various countries - starting off with Ireland - where I was born and met George my supportive other half. Moved to South Africa where we had our 3 wonderful sons.
UK and Ireland were countries we lived in before coming to Canada and now we are home!
I am a grandma! What a wonderful, rewarding name to have! Two girls, Anya and Nella bo and the older two both born in 2011, Little George and Liam both born Feb 2013,Sean born 2014 and twin boys Seth and Arlo born 2015, now we have Killian born in 2020, due to the pandemic we have not seen in person as yet.
Having 4 of these little people in London UK and 3 in Boise Idaho, and now one little angel in Vancouver is the only draw back.
Kevin and Remy married in 2018 and are now back in Vancouver - we are blessed to have one of our children in the same province and the same country!

I am artistic - a gift that I am very thankful to have, painting moves me to another world! Business and challenges feed my soul. Never knowing enough - pushes me to try harder.
Quilting and Applique give me enormous pleasure - cutting is not a joy! I remember the days before rotary cutters, cutting mats, rulers and templates- I loved what I could accomplish then but OMG what a difference now!

Latest Greatest Aid for Quilters. Westalee Ruler Foot and Ruler Templates made in USA by Sew Steady and sold in Canada by StitchintheDitch
If you can free motion quilt you can use rulers, if you haven't free motion quilted before rulers are an easy way for you to learn as the rulers give you a guide to rest the Ruler Foot against and follow.
Just like drawing around a stencil with a pen - only we are using a Ruler Foot instead of a pen and we are moving the fabric and template around the Ruler Foot.

Westalee ruler foot is essential - many have tried to use their free motion foot and find it very frustrating. Many sewing machine companies have now developed their own Ruler Foot.
Westalee Templates come in three thickness - Low for low shank 3mm sewing machines, High for high shank 4.5mm sewing machines and Longarm 6mm. thickness for sit down quilting machines and longarm machines.
We are the main supplier for the wonderful Isacord Threads, our inventory increases constantly due to the demands from our customers.

Where I excel - I never give up! I search for the best deals for Canada, I bargain, I negotiate, I discuss and generally drive the main suppliers crazy! I give them offers they find appealing and we have what you all want and you keep telling me you love the prices!

So many essential notions and products available for you to browse.
So Grab your Coffee or Glass of Wine and come shop at StitchintheDitch no matter where you live in Canada!
Due to the Pandemic we have also allowed Curbside Collection for local customers

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