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Hi Everyone,

I am Nulagh ( Nula) , creator of Stitch in the Ditch.

Friends you have supported us on this journey for close to 13 years! When we started off many companies were vocal and assured us we would not last, online with such silly prices! Nothing like a challenge to create success. Here we are in 2021 having our busiest year ever, we have the support of several large manufacturers who are very happy to have us as their Canadian Distributor. Eat your hat doubters!

Pandemic brought various hardships, no outside staff for one! Delays with products being available. Being isolated has been hard for us all, not seeing our loved ones has created such an ache for many. We worked longer hours 7 days a week to keep up with demands. for past two years George, my husband, has taken on the packing and shipping side of the business, he contacts our local customers to arrange a day and time for their curbside orders to be collected.

It also encouraged many suppliers to think outside the box. Sew Steady / Westalee upped their game and brought so many wonderful classes online, having the best teachers world wide available to teach us for a nominal fee was exactly what quilters wanted here in Canada.

Templates for machine quilting on your domestic machine and on either sit down long arm or long arm machines on a frame, have revolutionised how we approach completing our quilts. What a game changer. We work closely with this company and have all the latest products - tools - ideas and classes available for our customers.

A little about me, was born in Ireland, trained in hotel management and took over the running of a large hotel for several years, met George and we decided to leave Ireland and ventured to South Africa, our three sons were born there, they were all great sportsmen. Unfortunately violence became a part of the change in the country and we left. Had a few years in UK as our eldest son qualified to row for GB and represent the country at the Olympics, our middle son was a talented tennis player, he was awarded a full scholarship to University in Montana where he studied and played tennis for 4 years. We moved to Dublin Ireland and our youngest son went to Trinity university and rowed for the university he also represented Ireland at the Junior event in Europe. We moved to Canada, again sports was a great help - Kev our youngest went to UBC in Van and rowed for the university.

During my time in SA I started to make quilts and applique projects. I was really so envious of quilters in N America who had access to great tools, fabric, books and teaching. When I started there was no rotary cutters, no amazing Creative Grids rulers. I made my own templates from sandpaper and old x-ray sheets. Was a labour of love, I wanted my babies to have quilts made by their mom when they arrived in this world. Batting was a joke! It was high loft! very high, quilting was quite the experience. I was my own teacher with the aid of books. No one was teaching - no one knew much about quilts at that time. I cut and sewed a quilt by hand and then hand quilted, wooh! that was quite a task! Television was limited in SA at that time what a blessing! We had time for so many hobbies, time to read, time to learn!

I have also delved into dressmaking in years gone bye, qualified as a porcelain doll teacher and opened my own studio. Went back to my first love of painting. Then in Canada I felt it was time to start a business that allowed me to hone in on my creative side and at the same time challenge my business experience.

What a change in the world! Fabric cutting machines, rotary cutters, rulers, cutting mats, marking tools, astonishing supply of scissors for every job. Paper pieces for hand applique! you have no idea how that has changed from the days I cut hexagons papers by hand and all the hexies fabrics by hand.

Then along came Westalee - created by Leonine West in Australia, a really talented lady with a mechanical brain to allow for precision in her designs.She developed a foot we could use with domestic machines to allow us to use acrylic templates for designs on the top of our quilts. After trying out feet on hundreds of machines Leonie had a foot for different machines. She then developed the templates in three thickness to suit our own specific machines. A wonderful new way to finish our quilts was born. Sew Steady worked with the Australian company for several years and took the marketing to a new level, they bought the company and all the manufacturing now happens in Oregon USA.

We can safely say without Leonie West and her foresight, the ruler foot would not have arrived and allowed us another huge change in quilting. Her designs can not be matched, many have tried to copy, Westalee with over 400 designs and counting is a tough act to follow.

Stitch in the Ditch is the top source for these products in Canada.

We carry over 6000 products, our aim is to give Canadians the latest and greatest tool right here in Canada, we work on a low mark up, which is why our prices are so amazing!

Put your feet up grab a coffee or glass of wine and start browsing.

Family and our new Arrival Killian!
We desperately need a family reunion!

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