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Transform Your Quilting Experience with Sew Steady's Slider Mat

Quilting can be as smooth as silk with the right tools, and Stitch in the Ditch brings you the Sew Steady Free Motion Quilting Grid Slider Mat to ensure just that. This mat, with its tacky back, is designed to make fabric glide effortlessly under your sewing machine, turning quilting into a dream. Perfect for quilters seeking a smoother, more enjoyable quilting session, this mat is a game-changer for your sewing projects.

A Dream Glide for Quilters

Sew Steady Free Motion Quilting Grid Slider Mat 12 x 20 with Tacky Back provides an unparalleled quilting experience.

Maintaining Your Glider:

When storing your glider (remember to keep the protective backing on the Glider back, before first use, add it to the back of the glider when you remove it from your sewing machine), save it in the tube, and keep it in a dry, cool place. This simple step ensures your glider remains in top condition, ready to make your next quilting project as smooth as possible.



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