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Chose the Right Thread for Your Sewing Project

Thread is a fundamental ingredient for any sewing project. Whether by machine or by hand, we can't sew without thread!

Do not use old thread! It’s brittle and will break no matter what you do.
StitchintheDitch.com have an extensive thread selection.

30-40 years ago we were all told use Cotton Thread only for quilting. Times have changed, Embroidery Machines, Home quilting machines, high speed machines have opened up many doors.
Now we are advised to use polyester threads, in 100wt, 80wt for our machine quilting and hand work.
There will always be a place for Cotton threads, most quilters do all their piecing with Cotton.

A strong fine thread like DecoBob 80wt is also ideal for piecing because it allows the seams to lay flatter, making your piecing not only look better, but it also makes it easier to line up your quilt block patterns.
What we find is the newer poly threads are more durable created to produce minimum lint, work beautifully on high speed embroidery machines and quilting machines, no breakages etc.

Quilting looks wonderful with Micoquilter threads, Isacord threads developed for high speed embroidery is now a top favorite with machine quilters and teachers. Although this is a 40wt it sews up like a 60wt. One of our favorites.
Omni is now a top favorite for sewing and quilting - a really beautiful thread.
Signature threads are in huge demand both Cotton and Cotton Poly, so carry the top favorites with designers and quilters.
Glide Thread is the most popular thread for longarm machine quilters, ruler work quilters also love this thread.