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Bed Cushions Singer 221

* Bed Cushions 221,222,301 4pk 45780

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Product Code: 45780
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For Singer 221 Featherweight and many straight stitch machines
bed cushion screw purchase separately
Singer 301 Use screw 50116
Singer 221 Use screw 50116
These cushions go underneath the machine on each corner. They are sold in a package of 4
The rubber 'feet' on the bottom of your machine that protect the table top from being scratched tend to deteriorate over the years.
These feet are replaceable and are relatively easy to install.
We would recommend replacing all four at the same time.
What do your bed cushions look like on the bottom of your Singer Featherweight 221 or 222K?
Are they hard and brittle or are they pressed flat and full of lint and hair?
Either one is an easy fix and will help your machine maintain stability on the table as well as properly absorbing vibrations whilst sewing.


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