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If you have a low shank machine but no snap-on feet you need a low shank snap-on adapter
Depending on the way a sewing machine is built, the shank can be high, low or slanted and is equipped to use snap-on, screw-on or clip-on presser feet
Snap-on presser feet work on both high and low shank sewing machines with a snap-on system. So to use snap-on feet it is not so important to know if your machine has a high or low shank. Most brands use the same universal snap-on system and that is the snap-on system we use on our universal snap-on presser feet. Some brands, like Pfaff have a different snap-on system though. With a suitable adapter you can however use all our universal snap-on presser feet on a Pfaff sewing machine

What Is The One Part Of Your Sewing Machine That Can Easily Go Missing -- But You Couldn't Do Without?
You are Right --- we just can not sew without the adapter!
When we change for a walking foot - it can happen we put the shank where it will never be found again!

*Your old machine doesn't take snap-on feet, and you're fed up with taking the screw driver out EACH time you want to use a different foot! Get an Adapter Shank!

Adapter allows a Pfaff or Husqvarna Viking to use All Universal Snap-on Feet previously not available to you!
Using this Foot Adaptor will Open Up Your Options so that you're no longer stuck to just the Pfaff or Husqvarna branded feet.
Instead, you can use just about anything that snaps

Courtesy of Sew Much Easier.com
Check their site for more great information

Low Shank & High Shank - what’s the difference?
Most domestic machines have LOW shanks

High Shank machines are generally “fancy” embroidery models which are more costly, and those who invest in these models tend to know exactly what shank type it is.



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