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Your Westalee Comprehensive Guide, Ruler Work Feet for Domestic Sewing Machines

Embrace the revolution in home quilting with Stitch in the Ditch's selection of Ruler Feet, specially designed for your domestic machine. Originally, quilting rulers were exclusive to longarm machines, but thanks to Leonie West's pioneering development, the Ruler Foot has been adapted for use with home sewing machines. This substantial metal foot is crafted for unparalleled precision, boasting a perfect 1/4" measurement from the needle to the edge of the foot's circle.

The Perfect Fit for Precision

As you stitch, the foot guides along the edge of your chosen template, enabling exact quilting lines and designs. Each home sewing machine needs the correct foot to work efficiently, shank sizes, Low 3mm, High 4.5mm, Longarm 6mm. At Stitch in the Ditch we advise on the correct Foot for your machine.

Compatibility and Adjustment

With most sewing machine brands offering their own version of a Ruler Foot, it's crucial to secure the correct model for your machine. Fitting the Westalee Ruler Foot is a breeze: simply lower the presser foot, remove the existing shank screw, and attach the Ruler Foot. Adjustments for quilt thickness are made by altering the height of the foot, ensuring optimal performance across various project types.

Personalized Quilting Experience

At Stitch in the Ditch, we recognize that every quilter and machine is unique. That's why testing and personal preference play significant roles in ruler work. Whether you choose to quilt with feed dogs up and a zero stitch length or another method, we encourage personal experimentation.

Ready for Every Project

Our expert team is always ready with advice to help you achieve the perfect ruler foot setup. Keep a test sandwich handy to determine the ideal foot height for your work. With Stitch in the Ditch, you gain more than tools—you gain a community dedicated to supporting your quilting journey, ensuring every stitch is a step towards mastery.




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