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Presser Foot Screw #200074

200074 Presser Foot Screw, Singer

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Product Code: 200074
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Outside foot takes 1 screw.

Presser Foot Screw,Brother Also Babylock ESG Ellageo, ESG3, BLQP, BLSO Ellisimo

This low profile thumbscrew won't get in the way when quilting with rulers on your sewing machine.
Presser Foot Screw, Singer #200074Some low-shank machines come with a very large thumbscrew that can interfere with the use of thicker rulers to the left of the presser foot

Guaranteed to fit Singer Sewing Machine Models:

107G201, 107G203, 107G253, 107W10, 107W13, 107W50, 107W6, 107W9, 108U20, 108U30, 112G127, 112W115, 112W145, 111, 111W, 111W103, 111W104, 111W115, 116W1, 116W2, 11W2, 11W7, 12W113, 12W116, 12W12, 12W205, 127W2, 138W102, 14W2, 14W3, 143W1, 144W204, 153W104, 16W10, 16W11, 16W2, 16W3, 16W4, 16W5, 16W6, 16W7, 16W8, 16W9, 17W1, 17W2, 17W3, 17W5, 17W9, 211, 211G, 211G155, 211G156, 211W, 21W, 21W100, 21W4, 21W52, 22W1, 22W110, 22W111, 22W112, 22W113, 22W125, 22W131, 22W133, 22W156, 22W158, 22W172, 22W173, 22W20, 22W204, 22W206, 22W207, 22W25, 22W31, 22W34, 22W38, 22W39, 22W40, 22W57, 22W59, 22W60, 22W71, 22W72, 22W73, 22W74, 23W, 24W, 26W, 27W1, 27W20, 28W, 51W100, 51W32, 51W45, 51W46, 51W47, 51W51, 51W52, 51W53, 52W1, 52W10, 52W100, 52W11, 52W5, 52W6, 52W7, 52W8, 72W12

Technical Specs

Guaranteed to fit Singer Sewing Machine Models:

107W3, 108W20, 111W104, 111W106, 111W115, 111W116, 111W117, 111W152, 111W153, 111W155,
112W115, 112W137, 112W140, 112W145, 11W6, 138W102, 153W104, 47W61, 47W62, 47W63, 47W66, 47W70, 51W51, 51W52, 51W53,
52W1, 52W10, 52W100, 52W11, 52W31, 52W5, 52W6, 52W7, 52W8, 61W52, 144W202


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