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Glue Stick Fabric Acid Free

* Glue Stick For Fabric Acid Free 3144

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An instant basting adhesive ideal for use on fabric, leather, felt or paper. Made in Spain
Sewing Glue Stick is non-toxic and odorless. Water soluble.Use with all Applique projects,! And just anywhere you need an extra Hand!
A fabric glue stick is used for temporary basting and positioning.
It can be used for: basting seams when matching plaids, positioning ribbons, trims, and appliques, basting hems and zippers, and tacking down seam allowances to keep them from flipping over or moving when sewing over them.
Why should we contemplate gluing as opposed to pinning?
To prevent puckering or fabric moving,
to achieve perfect matching of stripes, checks or cross-section seams,
patchwork piecing,
making piping,
curves, applique, hems,
anything that needs to be held temporarily into position.
: Save time with basting by gluing rather than pinning and sewing.
Simply glide the glue stick lightly over the seam line of one fabric and carefully place the other over.

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