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Westalee Spinning Wheels #2 (11.5")

COQ, # 02 11.5" Spinning Wheel Template HIGH

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Product Code: WT-COQSPW02-11.5-HS
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Westalee Spinning Wheel #2 (11.5") 1 Template
Suggest you use the large crosshair 8pt square to draw out your reference mark- using chalk makers.
Spinning wheel templates by Westalee Design are unique in that they use only one point of rotation for the entire pattern.
This is a useful design feature as it reduces the chances of moving the template and creating misaligned stitches.
Simply pin the center of your block, secure the template and sew away! The templates utilize a series of etched lines to help guide the quilter through the pattern and ensure that the entire design stays on course.
As always, marking a series of reference lines with the Crosshair Ruler can further ensure that your quilting comes out perfect every time.


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