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Whether you’ve been quilting your entire life, making gifts for friends and family or just beginning to dabble in fabric crafting, the Sizzix Fabric Cutting Machines and Sizzix Quilters Dies will take the guesswork out of precise cutting and creating. Wool Felt Applique is fast and fun with Sizzix Applique Dies

Extra information -- we are asked about the Fabi machine - it is exactly the same as the Big Shot
they gave it this name to associate it more with fabric but now we just sell the Big Shot!

Big Shot Express Electric has been out of stock for several months - it is the same size as Big Shot (6" wide dies)
The Vagabond machine is manufactured by Sizzix and is the same size as the Big Shot Express Electric machine
Sizzix will not make an Electric Machine larger - Electric machines need a very powerful motor - remember all Sizzix machines are made to crank the handle with ease.

No more tired, aching hands from cutting with scissors!
For quilting or applique, the Sizzix machines and dies create your favorite traditional piecing, geometric and applique designs with breakthrough speed, ease and precision.
You can cut many different fabrics - up to 8 layers of fabric at a time!

Follow all guidelines for Big Shot Machine - this machine takes the same size dies
Sizzix Big Shot Express Electric Machine

Sizzix are the top manufacturers of Die Cutting Machines and Superior Dies - World wide!
Sizzix available in Canada from your Experts in Die Cutting Machines -