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Frixion Fineline 8pk Assorted Colors

Excellent for marking on fabric & it irons off!!!

Frixion 8pk Erasable Fineline Gel Marker Pen Heat Erase Assorted Colors

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Frixion Fineliner 8pk Assorted Colors. Innovative, new marker pens. Excellent for marking on fabric & it irons off!!!

let's you write, draw, erase and revise repeatedly without damaging documents.
Quick-drying ink won’t bleed through paper. Delivers colorful, crisp and erasable lines in 12 remarkable shades. Unique, thermo-sensitive ink formula disappears completely with erasing friction.
Donelle McAdams (Westalee Teacher) states we should have a barrier before using pens for quick clean off - she is loving the Easy Press as a Barrier or Best Press also Starch Savvy all on Stitch in the Ditch Website
The Gel Pens that mark without pressure as shown on our Watch Party video by Donelle the top Westalee Teacher she loves these for making her fabric for rulerwork
The latest innovation in marker pens lets you express yourself flawlessly and in color! Durable bold


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