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HLX5 Organ  Needle Size 11/75

HLX5 11/75 High-Speed Quilting Organ 10 pk 6807-11

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Product Code: 6807-11
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HLX needles are an extra heavy duty needle for sewing through multiple ply fabrics.
It is especially useful for quilting, jeans, applique or heavy embroidery. Each package has 10 needles in it

Specially designed for high-speed sewing and quilting machines. The HLx5 needle is made for sewing hard, thick or heavy materials. It will sew through multiple ply applications like quilting, jeans, applique or heavy embroidery. It is actually an industrial needle with a flat shank. If you are bending or breaking 15x1's this needle could solve your problem. These hard chrome needles will outlast a standard 15x1.


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