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Gel Pen 3ct Black/Blue/Red

Frixion XF Erasable Gel Pen 3ct Black/Blue/Red

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Frixion XF Erasable Gel Pen 3ct Black/Blue/Red
These Ball point gel pens have a Thermo-Sensitive ink formula that disappears with erasing friction on paper but what makes them great to use on fabric? Well - not only do they write smoothly the ink will not smear will not wash off or rub off while you need it but when you're ready the ink will magically disappear with the touch of a hot iron. .05mm.
Perfect for quilters and crafters. Color irons off with no left over residue.
We follow Donelle McAdams guidance and spray and press fabric with Starch Savvy or similar product before marking to provides a barrier for easy removal
world's best fabric marker, the Frixion Pen!


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