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Tulip 012E Sewing Needles No 7 Sharp Tip

012E Sewing Needles #7 Sharp Tip

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Product Code: THN-012E
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Contains 8ea #7 Sewing Needles Sharp Tip per package.
They slip effortlessly into the fabric, right where you want them, on the first attempt.
Tulip needles have a flexibility to them that makes them comfortable to hold, but not flimsy or noticeably bendable.
They remain rigid, but they “give” a little as you stitch with them.
It may seem odd that flexibility in a needle is a good thing. Too much flexibility would be a bad thing – it would make it hard to stitch with. But when you hold a needle and move it around and work it under other threads, it’s a good thing if it has just a little give to it.
If a needle is too rigid, it’s uncomfortable to use.

However, despite the give in these needles, they don’t develop a permanent bend.

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